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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 218 pages.

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Book Review

I Have Not Answered

by Peter Dabbene

Ghostly and symbolic, the Scottish island setting gives this supernatural tale authenticity. The Shetland Islands of Scotland are remote and relatively isolated—the perfect setting for Adam Grydehøj’s novel of the supernatural, "I... Read More

Book Review

Looking for Redfeather

by Peter Dabbene

"Looking for Redfeather" by Linda Collison captures all of the emotion and uncertainty of being a teenager, delivered through the practiced and nonjudgmental eye of an experienced writer. It’s hard to imagine the road trip’s classic... Read More

Book Review

In Search of the Painted Bunting

by Pete Warzel

Humorous notes on family outings disguised as bird-watching adventures illumine the bonds of family. In Search of the Painted Bunting: (Mis)Adventures of a Birdwatching Family is a humorous chronicle of an extended family bouncing around... Read More

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