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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 208 pages.

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Book Review

Zen in Japanese Culture

by Matt Sutherland

The beeping, flashing, vibrating distractions of technology; densely populated city centers; brash displays of wealth and power among the elites; and societal inequality: such is life in the twenty-first century. Whether modern... Read More

Book Review

Sallie Ann Robinson's Kitchen

by Rachel Jagareski

Sixth generation Gullah and Native American Daufuskie Island native Sallie Ann Robinson’s heartfelt cooking compilation is studded with history, folklore, and color photos of the long-isolated South Carolina sea island, personalized... Read More

Book Review

Sea Level Rise

by Barry Silverstein

A rising sea level is an inevitability, write Orrin Pilkey and Keith Pilkey in "Sea Level Rise", whose research concentrates on the American shoreline. Factual prose avoids sensationalism around the causes and impact of climate change,... Read More

Book Review

Harley Quinn

by Peter Dabbene

A new origin story for the unpredictable antihero Harley Quinn is revealed in Mariko Tamaki’s Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass. It portrays her as a quirky teenager sent to live in Gotham City, where she’s “adopted” by a kind but... Read More

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