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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 195 pages.

Book Review


by Aimee Jodoin

"Kingdom" is an entertaining science fiction story set in creepy locales. Anderson O’Donnell’s "Kingdom" is an exhilarating science fiction thriller with a noir sensibility about the morality of manipulating human genes. In an... Read More

Book Review

On Hinduism

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Engaging rather than didactic, this exploration of Hinduism’s roots enlightens readers on the essence of creativity and karma. Irina Gajjar’s (author of The Gita, a contemporary translation of the Bhagavad Gita) "On Hinduism" is an... Read More

Book Review

Ordinary Miracles

by Melissa Wuske

"Ordinary Miracles" tells the story of one woman’s journey through infertility, in vitro fertilization, and the birth of her children. Krissi Marie McVicker’s story is specific and personal yet relatable to readers. McVicker went... Read More

Book Review

Outside the Bones

by Lee Polevoi

Lyn Di Iorio’s first novel is set in New York and Puerto Rico and combines the exoticism of Afro-Caribbean witchcraft with a love story outside the boundaries of the expected and the ordinary. Fina Mata, a young woman living on... Read More

Book Review

Max and Menna

by Claire Rudy Foster

In his excellent book How Fiction Works, critic James Wood says, “The ideal of writing is a procession of strung details, a necklace of noticings.” He distinguishes between the real world—what the writer sees—and the noticed... Read More

Book Review

Codename Prague

by Elizabeth Breau

When not berating his employees, Truth and Beauty, for purchasing carbonated olive oil or renaming them Untruth and Ugliness, Doktor Hermann Teufelsdröckh pursues the perfect union of evil genius and artistry. His creation, The Sans... Read More

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