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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 172 pages.

Book Review

The Book of Emmaus

by John M. Murray

In Kevin St. Jarre’s novel "The Book of Emmaus", three groups of people in different historical eras attempt to find a powerful book that’s said to contain truths that will upend Catholicism. In a fourteenth-century monastery, two... Read More

Book Review

First and Wildest

by Rachel Jagareski

In 1921, then-forest ranger Aldo Leopold proposed that the remote lands around New Mexico’s Gila River be protected against roads, structures, and resource extraction. They were thus designated as the US’s first wilderness area.... Read More

Book Review

Born of Hell

by Aleena Ortiz

In the Christian fantasy novel "Born of Hell", good and evil supernatural forces are seen to shape human history. In John Sandycove’s fantasy novel "Born of Hell", demonic powers and vices have an impact on human history. Since the... Read More

Book Review

The Math Kids

by Ho Lin

David Cole’s tale demonstrates how fun math can actually be. The Math Kids: An Incorrect Solution, the fifth book in David Cole’s middle grade mystery series, finds four math sleuths enter fifth grade and encounter fresh challenges... Read More

Book Review

Black Star

by Peter Dabbene

"Black Star" is a fast-moving, twisting futuristic thriller about a woman-versus-woman contest of survival. Harper, a prominent and dedicated scientist, is sent with a crew to a far-off planet, Eleos, to retrieve samples of a flower with... Read More

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