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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 172 pages.

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Book Review


by Carol Davala

Pearl’s subtle voice and demeanor command this narrative venture, whether from the darkness of a burial tomb or the tranquil view from a lakeside retreat. In Brian Kindall’s imaginative and artful fantasy "Pearl", a young girl carved... Read More

Book Review

Steel Wombs

by Gregory A. Lowe

"Steel Wombs" is a thrilling mystery and romance highlighting morality problems that do not have objective answers. "Steel Wombs", by R. C. Lindholm, is a gripping novel that’s as much a thriller as it is a romance. Well-developed... Read More

Book Review

Global Sustainability

by Anna Call

Clear and concise, "Global Sustainability", with examples drawn from the corporate world, functions as a manual for large-scale business sustainability. Though it does deal with ecological sustainability, this book tackles sustainability... Read More

Book Review

Ambition Addiction

by Sarah White

Shalva offers solid and upbeat advice for those struggling to control their fixations on the future. Being motivated and driven seem like positive characteristics, but for ambition addicts, wanting to do and be more often comes at a high... Read More

Book Review

The Toorak Jackpot

by Maya Fleischmann

Sweet surprises and gems of life observations shine through in "The Toorak Jackpot". Rosemary Macindoe’s "The Toorak Jackpot" is a touching parable about the true meaning of wealth. When Bert discovers that an anonymous benefactor has... Read More

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