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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 118 pages.

Book Review

A Man of Impeccable Taste

by Karen Rigby

"A Man of Impeccable Taste" is an engrossing mystery novel in which a detective reflects on a past case—and on French cuisine. A philosophical detective leads R. Brooke Jeffrey’s nostalgic mystery novel, "A Man of Impeccable Taste".... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

"Checkmate" is a fascinating text that explains, in detail, the history, culture, and politics of the Middle East. Gennaro Buonocore’s "Checkmate" is a concise and thoughtful primer on the intricacies of Middle Eastern politics. With... Read More

Book Review

Rest Ethic

by Kristine Morris

Outlining the dangers of excessive stress, the self-help text "Rest Ethic" includes tools for making rest and recovery a healthy, lifelong habit. Sean Orr’s self-help text "Rest Ethic" argues against addictive work ethics and suggests... Read More

Book Review

The Power to Continue

by Jeremiah Rood

"The Power to Continue" is an encouraging book for struggling Christians. Danisa Siziba’s inspiring "The Power to Continue" aims to help Christians deal with their difficulties. Here, the problems that believers face—like the deaths... Read More

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