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Embracing the Law of Attraction

Out of the Box, into the Light

Clarion Rating: 2 out of 5

The religious self-help book Embracing the Law of Attraction asserts that change is possible for everyone.

J. M. Jones’s provocative self-help book Embracing the Law of Attraction makes an impassioned case for reconsidering how to ask God for what one needs.

The book has an intriguing premise: that the law of attraction is the rule of the universe, and that “what you focus on becomes your reality.” Here, in order for people “to live a life of purpose and contentment,” they must start with themselves, and learn how to identify their own needs. Jones builds upon this idea in a logical, progressive fashion, working to explain how the law of attraction impacts people’s worlds by allowing them the freedom to enjoy better and more fulfilling lives through self-actualization.

The book posits a very active view of God: “when your requests harmonize with God’s will for goodness, he will respond favorably.” Such ideas draw from the popular Christian devotional The Secret, which is discussed at length. Jones highlights Christian support for the law of attraction as described in The Secret, expanding its message through numerous biblical quotations that suggest support for the law. The result is a hopeful, if superficial, theology of a generous and open God who seeks the best for people.

The book’s tone is confessional; it includes an account of Jones’s own spiritual awaking, which came after he learned about the law of attraction and developed growing awareness of “synchronicity.” With infectious enthusiasm, Jones explains, “This became the key to changing my life, and to bring glory to God.” Moving with staccato speed, the book reads as breathless and exciting. This helps to keep the material approachable, as does the book’s clear focus on topics like truth and good vibrations.

The book closes with journal exercises that designed to help people focus their attention on the dreams they long to achieve, such as finding reasons for gratitude and becoming mindful of God-inspired coincidences. These are usefully formatted into tables, with organizing questions to help people record their thoughts. Still, the book’s overview of the law of attraction is brief, concerned most with inspiring the audience toward further exploration beyond its pages.

Down to earth and exuberant in praising Jesus and expressing love for God, the religious self-help book Embracing the Law of Attraction asserts that change is possible for everyone. It assures its audience that God cares about them, and promises that if they ask God, their situations will improve.

Reviewed by Jeremiah Rood

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