Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2018 Foreword INDIES Finalists

Adult Fiction

City of Shards (978-0-9983616-1-1) by Steve Rodgers, SteveRodgersAuthor
Gods' Warrior (978-1-912031-28-3) by Derek E Pearson, GB Publishing
Mistress of Legend (978-0-9967632-8-8) by Nicole Evelina, Lawson Gartner Publishing
Nation of the Beasts (978-0-9992809-4-2) by Mariana Palova and M.L. Anderson (translator), The Mage's Lantern
Smoke City (978-1-946154-16-3) by Keith Rosson, Meerkat Press
Tattoo (978-1-944354-35-0) by Michelle Rene, Annorlunda Books
The 19th Bladesman (978-0-648-43720-8) by S. J. Hartland, Dark Blade Publishing
The Alehouse at the End of the World (978-1-942436-37-9) by Stevan Allred and Reid Psaltis (illustrator), Forest Avenue Press
The Rising Tide (978-0-88984-414-8) by Mark Frutkin, Porcupine's Quill
The Shape of Rain (978-0-9976234-2-0) by Michael B. Koep, Will Dreamly Arts
The Sorcerer Queen (978-1-941067-03-1) by Xianna Michaels, Alcabal Press
Collision Theory (978-1-945572-82-1) by Adrian Todd Zuniga, Rare Bird Books
Deliver Us (978-0-9994774-0-3) by Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite, Alephactory Press
Hard Cider (978-1-63152-475-2) by Barbara Stark-Nemon, She Writes Press
Parts Per Million (978-1-942436-35-5) by Julia Stoops and Gabriel Liston (illustrator), Forest Avenue Press
Small Moving Parts (978-1-68336-782-6) by D. B. Jackson, Turner Publishing
The Cast (978-1-943006-72-4) by Amy Blumenfeld, SparkPress
The Kortelisy Escape (978-1-57962-542-9) by Leonard Rosen, The Permanent Press
The Patron Saint of Lost Girls (978-0-9979262-7-9) by Maureen Aitken, Southeast Missouri State University Press
The Story of Bones (978-1-5320-3544-9) by Donna Cousins, iUniverse
The Super Ladies (978-1-61188-258-2) by Susan Petrone, The Story Plant
The Wild Birds (978-1-945572-75-3) by Emily Strelow, Rare Bird Books
Vanishing Acts (978-1-944388-25-6) by Jaimee Wriston Colbert, Fomite Press
White (978-1-57131-125-2) by Deni Ellis Béchard, Milkweed Editions
Zebra Skin Shirt (978-1-942280-51-4) by Gregory Hill, Conundrum Press
A Child Went Forth (978-1-56703-067-9) by Boston Teran, High Top Publishing
A Hundred Fires in Cuba (978-0-9972644-7-0) by John Thorndike, Beck and Branch
In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills (978-1-77168-133-9) by Jennifer Haupt, Central Avenue Publishing
Lamar's Folly (978-1-68283-018-5) by Jeffrey Stuart Kerr, Texas Tech University Press
Love That Moves the Sun (978-1-942209-54-6) by Linda Cardillo and Eliza Moser (illustrator), Bellastoria Press
My Real Name Is Hanna (978-1-942134-51-0) by Tara Lynn Masih, Mandel Vilar Press
Norse Hearts (978-0-578-40408-0) by Robynn Gabel, Aravon Publishing
Secrets in a House Divided (978-0-88146-669-0) by Clara Silverstein, Mercer University Press
Seeking Hyde (978-0-8253-0883-3) by Thomas Reed, Beaufort Books
The Comedian (978-1-55238-977-5) by Clem Martini, University of Calgary Press
The Mercy Seat (978-0-8021-2818-8) by Elizabeth H. Winthrop, Grove Atlantic
The Strange and True Tale of Horace Wells, Surgeon Dentist (978-1-946724-04-5) by Michael Downs, Acre Books
Trouble the Water (978-1-943006-54-0) by Jacqueline Friedland, SparkPress
Chuckerman Makes a Movie (978-1-63152-485-1) by Francie Arenson Dickman, She Writes Press
Cockloft (978-1-64237-216-8) by Kyle Thomas Smith, Gatekeeper Press
Follower Follower (978-1-986608-80-0) by Tabitha Cartwright, Dragon Eagle Publishing
Gone Dog (978-0-9996952-0-3) by Carol Angel, Carol Angel
Great Bones (978-1-936429-14-1) by Lynn Ames, Phoenix Rising Press
Miss Jane (978-1-60489-200-0) by Kat Meads, Livingston Press
Mr. & Mrs. American Pie (978-1-942645-86-3) by Juliet McDaniel, Inkshares
Serenity's Warhead (978-0-9995336-5-9) by John Hewitt, Pump Island Tales
The Comedian (978-1-55238-977-5) by Clem Martini, University of Calgary Press
The Last Thunk (978-0-9906194-7-5) by Gerard Farrell, Greenpoint Press
After the Fall (978-0-9976042-2-1) by Brad Graber, Dark Victory Press
Cinderella Boy (978-1-62649-799-3) by Kristina Meister, Riptide
Concerto in Chroma Major (978-1-945053-66-5) by Naomi Tajedler, Interlude Press
On Burning Mirrors (978-0-692-11271-7) by Jamie Klinger-Krebs, J2K Creative
Paper Is White (978-1-61294-113-4) by Hilary Zaid, Bywater Books
Pennsylvania Station (978-1-59021-636-1) by Patrick E. Horrigan, Lethe Press
Snowsisters (978-1-945053-52-8) by Tom Willinsky and Jen Sternick, Duet
Sugar Land (978-1-59709-627-0) by tammy lynne stoner, Red Hen Press
The Fifth Woman (978-1-946448-17-0) by Nona Caspers, Sarabande Books
The Right Thing to Do at the Time (978-1-893121-56-0) by Dov Zeller, Everything Goes Media
The Universe Between Us (978-1-63555-106-8) by Jane C. Esther, Bold Strokes Books
transVersing (978-1-55081-762-1) by Violet Drake (contributor), Daze Jefferies (contributor), Fionn Shea (contributor), Perin Squires (contributor), Taylor Stocks (contributor), Dane Woodland (contributor), Berni Stapleton (contributor), Sharon King-Campbell (contributor), and Gemma Hickey (contributor), Breakwater Books
Across the Great Lake (978-0-299-32090-4) by Lee Zacharias, University of Wisconsin Press
Adjacentland (978-1-928088-56-1) by Rabindranath Maharaj, Wolsak and Wynn Publishers
All Coyote's Children (978-0-87071-930-1) by Bette Lynch Husted, Oregon State University Press
Circa (978-1-938349-90-4) by Adam Greenfield, Pelekinesis
Dixie Luck (978-0-88146-651-5) by Andy Plattner, Mercer University Press
Fire Sermon (978-0-8021-2704-4) by Jamie Quatro, Grove Atlantic
Inside the World (978-1-944697-58-7) by Marvin Cohen, Sagging Meniscus Press
Locked Gray / Linked Blue (978-1-942083-97-9) by Kem Joy Ukwu, Kindred Books
Miss Jane (978-1-60489-200-0) by Kat Meads, Livingston Press
Most Precious Blood (978-1-77183-306-6) by Vince Sgambati, Guernica World Editions
Son of Amity (978-0-87071-945-5) by Peter Nathaniel Malae, Oregon State University Press
The Fifth Woman (978-1-946448-17-0) by Nona Caspers, Sarabande Books
The Quelling (978-1-941360-18-7) by Barbara Barrow, Lanternfish Press
The Very Marrow of Our Bones (978-1-77041-416-7) by Christine Higdon, ECW Press
Virgil Wander (978-0-8021-2878-2) by Leif Enger, Grove Atlantic
Achieving Superpersonhood (978-1-948858-89-2) by William Peace, Strategic Book Publishing
Baek Seok: Poems of the North (978-1-936342-09-9) by Baek Seok, Choi Joongwon (illustrator), and Peter Liptak (translator), Exile Press
Black Hearts White Minds (978-0-9861818-4-9) by Mitch A Margo, Mission Possible Press
Celtic Knot (978-1-5255-2090-7) by Ann Shortell, FriesenPress
In the Cemetery of the Orange Trees (978-0-9977455-4-2) by Jeff Talarigo, Etruscan Press
Love War Stories (978-1-936932-25-2) by Ivelisse Rodriguez, The Feminist Press
Masks (978-1-77370-809-6) by Nataly Restokian, Telwell
My Old Faithful (978-1-62534-336-9) by Yang Huang, University of Massachusetts Press
Tales of the Astonishing Black Spark (978-1-941360-16-3) by Charlie J. Eskew, Lanternfish Press
The Story of Bones (978-1-5320-3544-9) by Donna Cousins, iUniverse
Waking Slow (978-1-73243-220-8) by Ioanna Opidee, PFP
A Dying Note (978-1-4642-0979-6) by Ann Parker, Poisoned Pen Press
A Gentleman's Murder (978-1-942645-95-5) by Christopher Huang, Inkshares
Burning Ridge (978-1-68331-778-4) by Margaret Mizushima, Crooked Lane Books
Dark Rhapsody (978-1-60809-292-5) by Helaine Mario, Oceanview Publishing
Duty to Warn (978-1-946724-10-6) by Sara Kersting, Acre Books
Lost in the Quagmire (978-1-948338-12-7) by Jay Ruud, Encircle Publications
One for the Rock (978-1-55081-687-7) by Kevin Major, Breakwater Books
Secrets Haunt the Lobsters' Sea (978-1-63381-136-2) by Charlene D'Avanzo, Maine Authors Publishing
Shadowed by Death (978-1-73200-970-7) by Mary Adler, Dancing Dog Books
The Center Cannot Hold (978-0-9975701-5-1) by Aaron Stander, Writers & Editors
The Spirit in Question (978-1-63511-406-5) by Cynthia Kuhn, Henery Press
Three Strikes, You're Dead (978-1-60381-727-1) by Elena Hartwell, Camel Press
Uncivil Liberties (978-1-57869-006-0) by Bernie Lambek, Rootstock Publishing
Where Privacy Dies (978-1-60381-665-6) by Priscilla Paton, Coffeetown Press
Yesterday's News (978-1-60809-281-9) by R.G. Belsky, Oceanview Publishing
49 Buddhas (978-0-9995398-0-4) by Jim Ringel, Black Bee Publishing
Anna the Prophetess (978-1-5244-0679-0) by H.B. Moore, Covenant Communications
Flame in the Night (978-0-8254-4554-5) by Heather Munn, Kregel Publications
In the Midst of Innocence (978-1-61153-244-9) by Deborah Hining, Light Messages Publishing
Island of Promise (978-1-73222-420-9) by Amy Schisler, Chesapeake Sunrise Publishing
Merciful Blessings (978-1-62390-075-5) by N.L. Quatrano and D.K. Ludas, Two Stone Lions Press
Prodigal Children in the House of G-d (978-1-78823-157-2) by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, Austin Macauley Publishing
Swimming in the Deep End (978-0-8254-4557-6) by Christina Suzann Nelson, Kregel Publications
Under Pain of Mortal Sin (978-0-87946-972-6) by Donald Cozzens, In Extenso Press
Without Jenny (978-1-63393-544-0) by Mark Gunther, Koehler Books
A Tiny Piece of Something Greater (978-1-945053-60-3) by Jude Sierra, Interlude Press
Ashes on the Moor (978-1-62972-402-7) by Sarah M. Eden, Shadow Mountain Publishing
Blend (978-1-63555-189-1) by Georgia Beers, Bold Strokes Books
Concerto in Chroma Major (978-1-945053-66-5) by Naomi Tajedler, Interlude Press
Her Viking Heart (978-1-947233-92-8) by Heidi Herman, Hekla Publishing
Hidden (978-1-943006-52-6) by Kelli Clare, SparkPress
Jilted (978-1-945053-64-1) by Lilah Suzanne, Interlude Press
Landing Zone (978-1-63555-199-0) by Erin Dutton, Bold Strokes Books
The Fisherman's Daughter (978-1-5244-0280-8) by Melinda Sanchez, Covenant Communications
The Gem Thief (978-1-5244-0773-5) by Sian Ann Bessey, Covenant Communications
The Making of Mrs. Hale (978-0-8254-4535-4) by Carolyn Miller, Kregel Publications
The Princess Deception (978-1-62639-979-2) by Nell Stark, Bold Strokes Books
Science Fiction
Altered Seasons (978-1-944962-48-7) Secant Publishing
Detonation (978-0-692-06119-0) by Erik A. Otto, Sagis Press
Missing Signal (978-1-946154-11-8) by Seb Doubinsky, Meerkat Press
River's Child (978-1-947003-39-2) Owl House Books
The Measurements of Decay (978-1-73206-220-7) by K.K. Edin, Metempsy Publications
The Seclusion (978-1-947848-51-1) by Jacqui Castle, Inkshares
Time and Time Again (978-1-941110-72-0) by Robert Silverberg, Three Rooms Press
Short Stories
Catch, Release (978-1-4214-2669-3) Johns Hopkins University Press
For Other Ghosts (978-0-9971938-7-9) Awst Press
Ghostographs (978-1-941628-15-7) by Maria Romasco Moore, Rose Metal Press
I Got to Keep Moving (978-0-8143-4593-1) by Bill Harris, Wayne State University Press
Meet behind Mars (978-0-8143-4512-2) by Renee Simms, Wayne State University Press
My Old Faithful (978-1-62534-336-9) by Yang Huang, University of Massachusetts Press
On the Landing (978-0-87580-793-5) by Yenta Mash and Ellen Cassedy (translator), Northern Illinois University Press
Perfect Conditions (978-1-945883-15-6) by Vanessa Blakeslee, Curbside Splendor Publishing
The Official Report on Human Activity (978-0-8143-4520-7) by kim d. hunter, Wayne State University Press
The Owl That Carries Us Away (978-1-943491-13-1) by Doug Ramspeck, BkMk Press
Warnings from the Future (978-1-946724-03-8) Acre Books
Wattle & Daub (978-0-9987508-3-5) by Brian Coughlan, Etruscan Press
Thriller & Suspense
A Beautiful Voice (978-1-73229-451-6) by Robert Lane, Mason Alley Publishing
A Matter of Chance (978-1-63152-369-4) by Julie Maloney, She Writes Press
Burn Up (978-1-941156-08-7) by Joe Klingler, Cartosi
DEATH AND TAXES (978-0-9712374-8-3) Aperient Press
Death in Chicago: Winter (978-0-87946-975-7) by Dominic J. Grassi, In Extenso Press
Speed the Dawn (978-1-60809-230-7) by Philip Donlay, Oceanview Publishing
Termination of Benefits (978-1-63381-130-0) by Jane Sloven, Maine Authors Publishing
The Astronaut's Son (978-0-9975437-8-0) by Tom Seigel, Woodhall Press
The Bone Curse (978-1-940419-97-8) by Carrie Rubin, Science Thrillers Media
The Consultant (978-1-60809-283-3) Oceanview Publishing
The Eighteenth Green (978-0-8253-0885-7) by Webb Hubbell, Beaufort Books
The Kortelisy Escape (978-1-57962-542-9) by Leonard Rosen, The Permanent Press
Tuning In (978-1-948681-00-1) Highcrest Books
War & Military
French Letters Children of a Good War (978-0-9906121-8-6) by Jack Woodville London, Vire Press
Letting Go (978-1-981074-91-4) by Len Joy, Hark! New Era Publishing
Shadowed by Death (978-1-73200-970-7) by Mary Adler, Dancing Dog Books
Veterans Crisis Hotline (978-1-62534-368-0) by Jon Chopan, University of Massachusetts Press

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure, Sports & Recreation
50 Hikes in the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests (978-1-932010-96-1) Ooligan Press
America's Great River Journeys: 50 Canoe, Kayak, and Raft Adventures (978-0-8478-6173-6) by Tim Palmer, Rizzoli
Backpacker Hidden Gems (978-1-4930-3386-7) by Maren Horjus, Globe Pequot - Falcon
Hike It Baby (978-1-4930-3390-4) by Shanti Hodges, Globe Pequot
Paddling North (978-1-938340-75-8) by Audrey Sutherland and Yoshiko Yamamoto (illustrator), Patagonia
The Story of Baseball (978-1-5478-0001-8) by Editors of Sports Illustrated, Liberty Street
Art of Native America (978-1-58839-662-4) by Gaylord Torrence, Ned Blackhawk (contributor), and Sylvia Yount (contributor), The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Arts and Crafts Jewelry in Boston (978-0-87846-857-7) MFA Publications
Elegance in Japanese Art (978-4-75625064-3) PIE International
Eric Wert (978-0-7649-8190-6) by Richard Speer, Shawn Vandor, and Eric Wert (illustrator), Pomegranate
Fantastic Worlds: The Art of William Stout (978-1-60887-865-9) Insight Editions
I Thought about It in My Head and I Felt It in My Heart but I Made It with My Hands (978-0-8478-6171-2) by Rob Ryan and Jeb Loy Nichols (contributor), Rizzoli
Kay Sage Catalogue Raisonné (978-3-79135785-0) by Jessie Sentivan (editor), Stephen Robeson Miller (contributor), and Mary Ann Caws (contributor), Prestel
Leonardo (978-0-300-23301-8) Yale University Art Gallery
Oliver Jeffers (978-0-8478-6299-3) by Oliver Jeffers, John Maeda (contributor), Quentin Blake (contributor), Bono (contributor), and Sharon Matt Atkins (contributor), Rizzoli
Takashi Murakami: Lineage of Eccentrics (978-0-87846-849-2) MFA Publications
The Art of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Steampunk (978-4-75624975-3) by Hiroshi Unno, PIE International
Thomas Cole's Journey (978-1-58839-640-2) The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Autobiography & Memoir
10,000 Miles with My Dead Father's Ashes (978-1-947856-16-5) Rare Bird Books
A Rock between Two Rivers (978-1-59534-840-1) Trinity University Press
Breaking Vases: Shattering Limitations & Daring to Thrive (978-0-9978093-5-0) by Dima Ghawi, Dima Ghawi
Coming of Age (978-0-9994995-9-7) Green Writers Press
Dispatches from the Sweet Life (978-1-60868-564-6) by William Powers, New World Library
Excuse Me While I Slip into Someone More Comfortable (978-1-948122-04-7) by Eric Poole, RosettaBooks
Jan in 35 Pieces (978-0-88984-413-1) by Ian Hampton, The Porcupine's Quill
Retablos (978-0-87286-786-4) by Octavio Solis, City Lights Publishers
Sister Secrets (978-1-946163-04-2) North Dakota State University Press
Sustainability (978-0-8142-5485-1) by Nicole Walker, Mad Creek Books
Swell (978-1-938340-54-3) by Liz Clark and Daniella Manini (illustrator), Patagonia
The Comet's Tail (978-1-947003-61-3) by Amy Nawrocki, Little Bound Books
The Right to Be Cold (978-1-5179-0497-5) by Sheila Watt-Cloutier and Bill McKibben (contributor), University of Minnesota Press
To Build a Trail (978-1-60226-020-7) by Paul J. Willis, WordFarm
Agnes Martin (978-1-943156-30-6) by Henry Martin, Schaffner Press
Becoming Dallas Willard (978-0-8308-4610-8) InterVarsity Press
Black Elk, Lakota Visionary (978-1-936597-60-4) by Harry Oldmeadow, World Wisdom
Born Criminal (978-1-941813-18-8) by Angelica Shirley Carpenter, South Dakota Historical Society Press
Building the Modern World (978-0-8143-4035-6) by Michael H. Hodges, Wayne State University Press
Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground (978-0-7643-5542-4) Schiffer Publishing
Ethel Percy Andrus (978-0-9971287-2-7) by Craig Walker, Disney Hyperion
Flannery O'Connor and Robert Giroux (978-0-268-10309-5) by Patrick Samway, S.J., University of Notre Dame Press
Marcus Garvey (978-976-640648-6) by Rupert Lewis, The University of the West Indies Press
Pence (978-1-68435-037-7) Indiana University Press
Sound Pictures (978-0-912777-74-0) by Kenneth Womack, Chicago Review Press
The Celebrated Marquis (978-1-61163-786-1) Carolina Academic Press
The Monk's Record Player (978-0-8028-7520-4) Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Body, Mind & Spirit
Awaken (978-1-948604-04-8) by Julie Santiago, Lumina Press
Becoming the Light (978-1-62634-501-0) Greenleaf Book Group Press
Letting It Be (978-0-9996827-0-8) by Lisa Templeton, TempleTown Publishing
Live Ablaze (978-0-9997212-0-9) by Sarah Davison-Tracy, Ignite Publishers
Sacred & Delicious (978-1-63152-347-2) by Lisa Joy Mitchell, Margaret Bendet (editor), Roger Winstead (photographer), and Tabitha Lahr (designer), She Writes Press
Sacred Instructions (978-1-62317-195-7) by Sherri Mitchell, North Atlantic Books
The Illustrated Herbiary (978-1-61212-968-6) by Maia Toll and Kate O'Hara (illustrator), Storey Publishing
The Inner Tree (978-1-947708-14-3) by Maura Torkildson and Randy Fauver (contributor), Citrine Publishing
The Jewel of Abundance (978-1-60868-556-1) by Ellen Grace O'Brian, New World Library
The Power of NOTEs (978-1-77204-722-6) Black Card Books
What's Your Season? (978-0-9993114-2-4) by Brielle Kelly, Cherisse Godwin, and Kristy Hsiao, Kelsin Press
Winds of Spirit (978-1-4019-5275-4) by Renee Baribeau, Hay House
Wise-Love (978-0-9996654-3-5) by Pranada Comtois, Chandra Media
Business & Economics
A Finer Future (978-0-86571-898-2) by L. Hunter Lovins, Stewart Wallis, Anders Wijkman, and John Fullerton, New Society Publishers
An Economy of Well-being (978-0-86571-873-9) New Society Publishers
Cadence (978-1-68350-947-9) by Pete Williams, Morgan James
Go Long (978-1-61363-088-4) Wharton Digital Press
Hire Your Dream Team (978-0-9915908-0-3) by Kurt Weyerhauser, Kensington Stone
How To Wash A Chicken (978-1-989025-03-1) by Tim Calkins, Page Two Books
Raising Private Capital (978-1-947200-98-2) by Matt Faircloth, BiggerPockets Publishing
Redeeming Capitalism (978-0-8028-7557-0) Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Supportive Accountability (978-0-9997435-2-2) Melena Consulting Group
The Learning Imperative (978-1-78583-269-7) by Mark Burns and Andy Griffith, Crown House Publishing
The New Science of Radical Innovation (978-1-946885-02-9) BenBella Books
The Shopping Revolution (978-1-61363-086-0) Wharton Digital Press
Be More Strategic in Business (978-1-63353-784-2) by Diana Thomas and Stacey Boyle, Mango Publishing
Case Master (978-1-72234-741-3) by Valentin Nugmanov and Ronald Clouse, Counselor Books
Consulting Essentials (978-1-5445-1025-5) Lioncrest Publishing
Crack the C-Suite Code (978-1-61363-084-6) Wharton Digital Press
From Dream to Delivery (978-0-9967815-4-1) by Don L. Daglow, Sausalito Media
How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech (978-1-885331-67-0) by Judith Briles, Mile High Press
The Art & Craft of PR (978-0-9991871-0-4) by Sandra Stahl, LID Publishing
The Performance of Medicine (978-0-9996169-0-1) by Bob Baker, A.J. Harper (editor), and Choi B. Messer (designer), Best Job Productions
Breakfast (978-0-8487-5769-4) by Editors of Extra Crispy, Oxmoor House
Ciderhouse Cookbook (978-1-61212-940-2) Storey Publishing
Forage, Harvest, Feast (978-1-60358-750-1) by Marie Viljoen, Chelsea Green Publishing
Game (978-1-59962-145-6) by Editors of Covey Rise Magazine and Chris Hastings (contributor), Welcome Books
How to Be a Bourbon Badass (978-1-68435-008-7) Indiana University Press
Sacred & Delicious (978-1-63152-347-2) by Lisa Joy Mitchell, Margaret Bendet (editor), Roger Winstead (photographer), and Tabitha Lahr (designer), She Writes Press
Season (978-1-944903-37-4) Cameron + Company
Soul (978-0-8487-5441-9) by Todd Richards, Oxmoor House
The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook (978-1-941529-96-6) Parallax Press
The Essential Pantry (978-1-68435-042-1) Indiana University Press
The Vegan 8 (978-0-8487-5707-6) by Brandi Doming, Oxmoor House
What to Eat During Cancer Treatment (978-1-60443-256-5) by Jeanne Besser and Barbara Grant, American Cancer Society
Ecology & Environment
Caribou Rainforest (978-1-68051-128-4) by David Moskowitz, Mountaineers Books
Climate-Wise Landscaping (978-0-86571-888-3) by Susan Reed and Ginny Stibolt, New Society Publishers
Eager (978-1-60358-739-6) by Ben Goldfarb, Chelsea Green Publishing
Learning to Die (978-0-88977-563-3) by Robert Bringhurst and Jan Zwicky, University of Regina Press
Man of the Trees (978-0-88977-566-4) by Paul Hanley, University of Regina Press
North American Wildlife Policy and Law (978-1-940860-27-5) by Winifred B. Kessler (editor), James L. Cummins (editor), and Bruce D. Leopold (editor), Boone and Crockett Club
Path of the Puma (978-1-938340-72-7) by Jim Williams, Patagonia
Pushing our Limits (978-0-8165-3732-7) University of Arizona Press
Rescuing Ladybugs (978-1-60868-502-8) New World Library
Saving Tarboo Creek (978-1-60469-794-0) by Scott Freeman and Susan Leopold Freeman (illustrator), Timber Press
With Distance in His Eyes (978-1-943859-62-7) by Scott Raymond Einberger, University of Nevada Press
A Teacher’s Guide to Standards-Based Learning (978-1-943360-25-3) by Tammy Heflebower, Jan K. Hoegh, Philip B. Warrick, and Jeff Flygare, Marzano Research
Best of the Best (978-1-78583-247-5) by Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman, Crown House Publishing
Close Reading in the Secondary Classroom (978-1-943360-01-7) by Jeff Flygare, Marzano Research
Congressional Procedure (978-1-58733-299-9) by Richard A. Arenberg, TheCapitol.Net
Developing Tenacity (978-1-78583-303-8) by Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer, Crown House Publishing
Freedom to Learn (978-0-86571-878-4) New Society Publishers
It’s Not About Grit (978-0-8077-5898-4) by Steven Goodman, Teachers College Press
Jim Crow Campus (978-0-8077-5912-7) by Joy Ann Williamson-Lott, Teachers College Press
Loose Parts 3 (978-1-60554-466-3) by Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky, Redleaf Press
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War & Military
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Graphic Novels & Comics

Graphic Novels & Comics
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Photographic (978-1-947440-00-5) by Isabel Quintero and Zeke Peña, Getty Publications
Queen of Kenosha (978-0-9974315-2-0) by Howard Shapiro and Erica Chan (illustrator), Animal Media
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Juvenile Fiction
Beauty and Bernice (978-0-7643-5580-6) Schiffer Publishing
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