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Book Review


by Suzanne Kamata

Subcultures clash with tragic results in Zülfü Livaneli’s impactful novel "Disquiet". Ibrahim lives and works as a newspaper reporter in Istanbul, a contemporary metropolis where the East mixes with the West. But he is drawn back to... Read More

Book Review

Cheer Up

by Peter Dabbene

In "Cheer Up", two friends on different tracks reconnect and explore their romantic feelings. Annie is smart but antisocial. To present colleges with a more balanced high school transcript, her mother suggests that she give cheerleading... Read More

Book Review

Trouble Down Mexico Way

by Claire Foster

The flavors, colors, and history of Mexico are a vibrant backdrop for "Trouble Down Mexico Way", a funny, fish-out-of-water mystery novel. Part-time journalist and amateur sleuth Blanche “Bang” Murninghan is an avid traveler of a... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

In the dystopian young adult novel "Drained", a resistance group works to overthrow a burgeoning dictatorship. In Marc Daniel Acriche’s apocalyptic novel "Drained", a high school senior gambles her life to free New York from the grips... Read More

Book Review

The Queen’s Dog

by Eileen Gonzalez

Third in a series set in ancient Syria, "The Queen’s Dog" is a historical novel about political intrigue, infidelity, and revenge. A slave’s moment of anger alters both his fate and the future of a kingdom in N. L. Holmes’s... Read More

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