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Book Review

The Last Dance

by Charlene Oldham

The elegiac memoir "The Last Dance" dedicates itself to celebrating a woman whose devotion kept her family grounded through her husband’s many career advances. Stephen Manning’s "The Last Dance" is both a memoir about his career... Read More

Book Review

The Land Steward’s Daughter

by Karen Rigby

"The Land Steward’s Daughter" is an endearing historical romance whose lovers flourish despite opposition. Becky Michaels’s Regency romance, "The Land Steward’s Daughter", explores the fruits of long-delayed love between childhood... Read More

Book Review


by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

"Decagon" is a captivating, methodical, and action-packed urban fantasy adventure. The Angel of Death, on the run for over two hundred years, is out of time in Capes’s fantasy novel "Decagon". Dalia has walked the Dreaming and Waking... Read More

Book Review

The Prime Network

by John M. Murray

In the technothriller "The Prime Network", a brilliant scientist takes on questions of free will and the interconnectedness of reality. In Gerard G. Nahum’s contemplative thriller "The Prime Network", a man discovers the secrets of the... Read More

Book Review

The Entitled

by Karen Rigby

In Nancy Boyarsky’s chilling London mystery, The Entitled, American PI Nicole Graves must clear a teenage murder suspect. Nicole is tasked with bringing home Abigail, an entitled beauty whose view of her wealthy, adoptive parents... Read More

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