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Book Review

They're So Flamboyant

by Danielle Ballantyne

When a flamboyance of flamingos moves into the neighborhood, the other neighbors are disturbed by their bright colors, long necks, and food trucks. From a “squadron of pelicans” to a “band of jays,” the birds decide to take a... Read More

Book Review

Old Fires

by Eileen Gonzalez

A bereaved widower embarks on a fateful journey in Josh Patrick Sheridan’s spiritual novel, "Old Fires". In between a horrific tour of service in Vietnam and his wife Grace’s death from cancer, Tim had a good life. After Grace’s... Read More

Book Review

Bonez by: Mr. Roses

by Ian Dailey

In the middle grade novel "Bonez by: Mr. Roses", a young skateboarder becomes a sudden star and wonders what’s truly important. In the rhyming middle grade novel "Bonez by: Mr. Roses", a skateboarder is faced with a life-altering... Read More

Book Review

The Smooth River

by Melissa Wuske

"The Smooth River" is a self-help book that shows how to live a full life, even in the face of death. Richard S. Cohen’s "The Smooth River" is a self-help book rooted in a painful but hope-filled personal story. Cohen’s wife, Marcia,... Read More

Book Review

Kingdom Financing

by John M. Murray

Based on a singular interpretation of the Bible, the short stories of "Kingdom Financing" suggest means of improving one’s financial and moral life. Milton Maye’s biblical short story collection "Kingdom Financing" uses short... Read More

Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

"Equilibrium" is a captivating novel in which grieving friends work together to save the world. In James Luthi’s dazzling science fiction novel "Equilibrium", a mixed group faces an ancient enemy in order to save humanity. Nick... Read More

Book Review

Human Destiny

by Karen Rigby

The historical novel "Human Destiny" follows an earnest young man’s missions in the outback. In H. B. Waldegrave’s whimsical historical novel "Human Destiny", a Queensland boy witnesses an otherworldly intervention in the clash... Read More

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