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Book Review

Mission Improbable: Vietnam

by Karen Rigby

In Nancy Nau Sullivan’s cozy mystery novel "Mission Improbable: Vietnam", two women in search of their families’ stories forge a sisterhood—and consider the human impacts of wars. Jean’s mother was Vietnamese, but Jean doesn’t... Read More

Book Review

Escape to the Wildey

by Jeremiah Rood

"Escape to the Wildey" is a fun romantic thriller that proves that you are never too old to find love and adventure. David Kempher’s zany romantic thriller "Escape to the Wildey" follows an older couple on a wild adventure. Elderly... Read More

Book Review

Spider's New Friend

by Alex Dailey

The familiar picture book Spider’s New Friend imparts lessons about kindness and personal dedication. Dirdura Wynn’s picture book Spider’s New Friend delivers timeless lessons about persisting—and about choosing kindness over... Read More

Book Review

Segment of One

by Alex Dailey

"Segment of One" is a gripping, high-stakes novel in which marketing analyses and science could be used to stop serial killers. In "Segment of One", a thriller by Michael Grigsby, a Texas community is placed in the grips of two serial... Read More

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