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Book Review

The Good Luck Stone

by Meg Nola

In Heather Bell Adams’s novel "The Good Luck Stone", wartime memories haunt a ninety-year-old woman, who also struggles to maintain her personal independence. During World War II, Audrey ventured beyond her genteel Southern upbringing... Read More

Book Review

American Follies

by Karen Rigby

Norman Lock’s dark, carnivalesque "American Follies" mines the seamier side of the 1880s through a woman’s febrile imagination and New York sojourns. Ellen, who was once Henry James’s typist, now helps Susan B. Anthony and... Read More

Book Review

Feminist City

by Tanisha Rule

In "Feminist City", Leslie Kern shows how cities keep women “in their place” through hidden, understated means while favoring men’s needs and experiences. Wide-ranging urban plans often come together to influence how women move... Read More

Book Review

Finding Hemingway

by John M. Murray

"Finding Hemingway" is a romantic travel adventure with a magical realism twist. In Ken Dortzbach’s heartwarming novel "Finding Hemingway", an overworked lawyer rushes to self-improvement while chasing a literary ghost. Callie McGraw... Read More

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