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Book Review

Love You Always

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Whether singing, dancing, or grumbling on the verge of a tantrum, Eileen Spinelli’s "Love You Always" conveys a message of unconditional love through simple, charmingly melodic verses and lovely pastel-hued vignettes from Gillian... Read More

Book Review

Into the Mystic

by Sarah White

Christopher Hill links the ecstatic, trippy, profound music of the great performers of the 1960s to the mystical traditions of gospel, folklore, and esoteric religious groups, in "Into the Mystic", which goes beyond love songs and... Read More

Book Review

Rise of the Jumbies

by Catherine Thureson

Based on the myths of West Africa and the Caribbean, Tracey Baptiste’s "Rise of the Jumbies" is an engaging story full of danger and discovery. When children begin to disappear from their island home in the Caribbean, Corrine’s... Read More

Book Review

Rise Up

by Barry Silverstein

The goal of "Rise Up" is a noble one—to teach business executives “how to build a socially conscious business.” Russ Stoddard, who founded such a business himself and now builds brands for purpose-driven companies, provides the... Read More

Book Review

Roxie & Fred

by Claire Foster

Sharp and sensual, Roxie and Fred is a provocative love story that explores a May-December relationship. Is it ever too late to fall in love again? On her way into her eighties, Roxie is in a contemplative phase. She has had her share of... Read More

Book Review

True Sex

by Amanda Adams

Dynamic, compelling, and wholly original, "True Sex" is an invaluable addition to LGBTQ studies. Emily Skidmore’s True Sex: The Lives of Trans Men at the Turn of the Twentieth Century is a fascinating addition to LGBTQ historical... Read More

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