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Book Review

The NeuroGeneration

by Melissa Wuske

Tan Le’s "The NeuroGeneration" cracks open the world of brain enhancement to show that the future may be closer than we think. Le, on the cutting edge of research and technology into one of the biggest mysteries—the human... Read More

Book Review

Turn to Stone

by Karen Rigby

James W. Ziskin’s "Turn to Stone" pulls Ellie, an enterprising reporter, into a slow-burning search for the truth behind a professor’s reputation. In 1963, Ellie is in Italy for a literature symposium. When the body of Professor... Read More

Book Review

The Teacher

by Jessie Horness

When a teacher takes her life, an unnamed narrator proves determined to ensure that her story is not lost to memory. Driven more by psychology than its plot, "The Teacher" is a chronology-jumping character study about the individual... Read More

Book Review

Sea of Stars

by Peter Dabbene

The tender tale of a father looking for his lost son is cast across an imaginative cosmic canvas in Sea of Stars Volume 1. Without anyone to watch his young son Kadyn, recently widowed space trucker Gil is forced to bring his boy on a... Read More

Book Review

The Seep

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The invasion was gentler than expected: The Seep entered the water supply, melded with people, and dulled their fears, offering them a future free of pain, need, and death. But there are some who find this new utopia wanting. Chana... Read More

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