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Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

"OOF" is a sly satire that imagines a world overrun by internet toxicity. In Strobe Witherspoon’s black comedy novel "OOF", a political satirist’s latest project sparks online outrage that leads to a real-world catastrophe. When... Read More

Book Review

Generation Manifestation

by Karen Rigby

In this layered dystopian novel, teenagers fight to survive the cruel manipulations of an unjust society. A teenager tries to distinguish herself in a world divided by beliefs about genetic superiority in Steven Bereznai’s dystopian... Read More

Book Review

Marines of Quế Sơn

by Ian Dailey

In the humane historical novel "Marines of Quế Sơn", men in a war-torn area face internal battles, too. In R. B. MacNichol’s historical novel "Marines of Quế Sơn", soldiers and civilians are brought together in the middle of the... Read More

Book Review

All People Are Beautiful

by Kristine Morris

The bright picture book "All People Are Beautiful" celebrates the diverse beauty that exists across the world. Vincent Kelly’s inviting picture book "All People Are Beautiful" shows that differences can make life fun and exciting. The... Read More

Book Review

Halo around the Moon

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Halo around the Moon" is a dark mystery novel that focuses on the strange, unpredictable ways in which events and people are connected. A grisly murder triggers a series of violent events in Matt Ritter’s mystery novel "Halo around... Read More

Book Review

The Man

by Mari Carlson

"The Man" is a robust biography that pays tribute to Alfred M. Best, the founder of a credit rating business. Put together by the company he founded, Alfred M. Best’s biography "The Man" reveals him in the context of his family and... Read More

Book Review

Shadows of Saigon

by Carolina Ciucci

In the historical novel "Shadows of Saigon", a complicated young man falls in love while serving in the Vietnam War. In Mark R. Anderson’s intriguing novel "Shadows of Saigon", a man falls in love in war-torn Vietnam. Grady wakes in a... Read More

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