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Book Review

Jackson's Story

by Carol Davala

Jackson’s Story is a gentle, insightful story with a valuable lesson for any family considering pet adoption. Elizabeth Baker’s Jackson’s Story is a heartwarming picture book in which a frisky pup experiences kindness, then neglect... Read More

Book Review

Dr. Brainchild & Radar

by Catherine Thureson

Dr. Brainchild and Radar is an enjoyable and boldly illustrated story of scientific discovery. Cole W. Williams’s clever picture book of discovery, Dr. Brainchild and Radar, follows a scientist, a dog, and the microwave. Dr. Brainchild... Read More

Book Review

The First Barbarian Slave

by John M. Murray

"The First Barbarian Slave" is a fantastical tale of faith and magic. Ansu Turay’s ambitious "The First Barbarian Slave" lays the foundation for an epic fantasy trilogy filled with ambiguous legends and murky ambitions. Acting a... Read More

Book Review


by Joseph S. Pete

"McDowell" is an ambitious, often captivating character study. William H. Coles’s engaging novel "McDowell" is a story of hubris and personal transformation. Haughty doctor Hiram McDowell, a nominee for secretary of Health and Human... Read More

Book Review

The Surgeon's Wife

by Delia Stanley

This dramatic New Orleans story plays on themes of loss and love. William H. Coles’s unpredictable novel The Surgeon’s Wife focuses on the romantic relationships and family dynamics of two surgeons. Mike Boudreaux is a surgeon living... Read More

Book Review

Cloud of Expectation

by Philip J. Kowalski

"Cloud of Expectation" is a sophisticated yet approachable collection of poems. Mike Westphal’s "Cloud of Expectation" collects lyric and prose poems that recall the author’s childhood and ancestral past. A vibrant speaker connects... Read More

Book Review

The House Always Wins

by Anita Lock

"The House Always Wins" is an attractive romance with a unique ghostly touch. A ghostly homeowner comes to the aid of a newly married couple in Brian Rouff’s hilarious novel, "The House Always Wins". Everything shifts quickly for... Read More

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