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Book Review

The Job to Be Done

by Joseph S. Pete

Telling the story of World War II bombers through the personal lens of family experiences, "The Job to Be Done" is a compelling slice of military history. Inspired by an inheritance of air force memorabilia, Clint L. Coffey’s "The Job... Read More

Book Review

The Chuckle Wobbles

by Aimee Jodoin

"The Chuckle Wobbles" is a cute fantasy story for young readers that follows a happy pair on an enlightening adventure. In Prue McDonell’s delightful fantasy novel "The Chuckle Wobbles", two jolly creatures spread happiness across the... Read More

Book Review

Soldier On

by Gail Hoffer-Loibl

"Soldier On" is a compelling memoir about an Israeli woman’s experiences as a soldier, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. In her poignant memoir "Soldier On", Bracha Horovitz reflects on her experiences from her childhood in the newly... Read More

Book Review

When the House Burns

by Karen Rigby

"When the House Burns" is a sharp mystery novel in which domestic betrayals and concealed misdeeds complicate a midwestern murder investigation. In Priscilla Paton’s murder mystery "When the House Burns", an insidious crime encircles a... Read More

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