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December 1, 2017

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published December 1, 2017. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in December 2017.

Book Review

Aphrodite's Stand

by Anita Lock

Aphrodite’s Stand works across genre conventions, resulting in a romance novel with definite bite. An interracial couple is so enraptured with one another that they are blindsided by the unfolding sinister plans of others in Sandra... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

Jacqueline Waters is practiced at the velvet glove-iron fist approach to poetry, at times finessing or obscuring the poem’s impact so that when it lands, the force is staggering. Her poetry has appeared in Harper’s, Chicago Review,... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

Just when you thought it was time to permanently chisel history books into stone, new archaeological discoveries—helped along by high-tech sensing equipment—are upending a great deal of what we thought we knew about the first... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

All the happy inspiring talk about the importance of playful creativity in a healthy life makes for good copy on a greeting card, but creativity is also a deadly serious, learned process to professional painters, potters, chefs,... Read More

Book Review

Kingdom of Women

by Karen Rigby

Kearns skillfully walks the tightrope between feminist polemic and literary experiment. "Kingdom of Women" turns the tables on patriarchy, creating an alternate world where bands of vigilante women strike back at transgressors. Rosalie... Read More

Book Review

Pressing Freedom

by John M. Murray

Propelled forward by looming threats, this thriller is packed with action and drama. A reporter enters a web of deception and corruption in "Pressing Freedom", a nested thriller from Roger Armbrust. Reeves Franklin, a retired Vietnam vet... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Cyril Pedrosa transforms his personal experience of discovering family roots into a semi-autobiographical masterpiece, the award-winning graphic novel "Portugal". The fictionalized protagonist is Simon Muchat, who finds himself... Read More

Book Review

The Torch Betrayal

by Katie Hardy

"The Torch Betrayal" is the best mix of genre standards from a fresh voice. Glenn Dyer’s "The Torch Betrayal" is a well-oiled novel of suspense. While it opens with a rash of overly descriptive adjectives, the story quickly takes over,... Read More

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