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December 16, 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published December 16, 2014. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in December 2014.

Book Review

Talk to Me of Love

by Rebecca Foster

This well-structured collection celebrates different types of love through meditative verse. The poems in Julia Anne Bernhardt’s first collection, "Talk to Me of Love", range from erotic to spiritual as they investigate love in all its... Read More

Book Review

Until We Meet Again

by Amanda Silva

Impassioned calls to action based on the author’s trying life experiences are embedded in a fascinating narrative. Thomas Toren’s short but thorough memoir, "Until We Meet Again", is filled with lessons learned over a lifetime. Each... Read More

Book Review

The First Supper

by Karen Rigby

This enjoyable tongue-in-cheek satire ingeniously threads hot-button issues into a farcical plot. Karen Schiff’s novelization of her play, "The First Supper", explores divisions among Republicans with tongue-in-cheek vigor. When... Read More