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September 9, 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 9, 2014. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in September 2014.

Book Review

Running for the House

by Lynn Evarts

With humor and a breakneck pace, this excellent political thriller is sure to entertain mystery fans. Howard Kleinhendler’s book, "Running for the House", is a tense, well-crafted thriller that travels from a political shindig in Texas... Read More

Book Review


by Shannan Spitz

Ohman’s dystopian vision is well-paced, imaginative, and suspenseful to the very end. A walled city set in a dystopian future has an unwavering societal structure known only as the System. In "Meritropolis", a captivating book by Joel... Read More

Book Review


by Patty Sutherland

Braun writes with palpable empathy and shares his wisdom about unconditional love as a catalyst to transformation. HeartSourcing: Finding Our Way to Love and Liberation, by Ramgiri Braun, is a book that will appeal to nearly everyone on... Read More

Book Review


by Sara Budzik

This study of exile reinvents the meaning of “home” and sheds light on how humanity defines separateness—from people, from places, from truth. There are many reasons a people may find themselves exiled, and not all of the reasons... Read More

Book Review

Star of Deliverance

by Christine Canfield

A strong main character with a mission is someone for girls to look up to in this compelling teen-fantasy novel. When her entire race is threatened, seventeen-year-old Emi knows it is up to her to save them all, even if it means risking... Read More

Book Review

Billy Bowater

by Jennifer Williams

Somewhat of an exposé, this lighthearted novel follows one everyman sorting through the messy world of politics. Billy Bowater loves the sport of politics. He loves the fight, “the chase, the strategizing, and even the greed.” And... Read More

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