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February 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 2014.

Book Review

Death in the Congo

by Karl Helicher

This in-depth analysis of an important event in Congo’s history discusses significant revelations concerning international politics. The recent US Senate report describing the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” has again... Read More

Book Review

Breathing Poison

by Rachel Jagareski

This is a concise clarion call to action against the rise of COPD. Many readers will be familiar with images of residents of Beijing or Tokyo wearing face masks as they walk outside, but few have heard the story of how the combined... Read More

Book Review

The Smell of Mud

by Diane Prokop

The journals of a prostitute help a young girl learn what it means to overcome hardship and become an independent woman. The sex trade has been a favorite theme of authors for hundreds of years, and why wouldn’t it be? The world’s... Read More

Book Review


by Lynn Evarts

High-tech gadgets and a thrilling motorcycle rescue highlight this explosive plot. "RATS" by Joe Klingler immediately launches into the world of high-tech gadgetry and how that technology impacts the characters’ lives and decisions.... Read More

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