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September 2008

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2008.

Book Review

Mr. Right for the Moment

by Claire Foster

"Mr. Right for the Moment" invigorates the very familiar plotline of “good girl gone bad and getting back to good.” Sugar and spice and everything nice? Think again. Tiffany Lynn Scott, a jilted military wife, is out for revenge, and... Read More

Book Review


by Alicia Sondhi

Ash Roper needs a good story if he wants to save the Charley Town, the weekly tabloid he and his wife publish. With the whispers of drug deals, corruption, escapes, and violence surrounding it, Bay Area State Hospital (BASH), a state-run... Read More

Book Review

Riding the Giant Catfish

by Rachel Jagareski

Los Angeles has just been hit by a massive earthquake. There is a huge loss of life from building and highway collapses, natural gas explosions, and fires. The runways at LAX are damaged, a tsunami has taken out the harbor, and there are... Read More

Book Review

The Worrywart's Companion

Everyone worries occasionally but some people let worry control their lives. Obsessive fretting causes physical and psychological consequences that negatively affect the worrywarts of the world. The Worrywart’s Companion offers... Read More

Book Review


“Faust the notorious reprobate who willingly forfeited his immortal soul to the devil in exchange for the fleeting illusory pleasures of the world as depicted and recounted in famous works of art literature drama and music did not... Read More

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