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Mr. Right for the Moment

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Mr. Right for the Moment invigorates the very familiar plotline of “good girl gone bad and getting back to good.”

Sugar and spice and everything nice? Think again. Tiffany Lynn Scott, a jilted military wife, is out for revenge, and things are getting salty. After twenty-six years of marriage, her husband’s infidelity and lies erode her trust, and Tiffany is finally out to get hers. On the path to self-discovery and new self-esteem, she crosses paths with several men—Mr. Wrong, Mr. Right, and Mr. Right For the Moment, the title of Jewl Franklin’s novel. It is a bright, spunky, laugh (and gasp) out loud story that begs to be shared.

Franklin’s tone is intimate, and her main character, Tiffany, embodies everything to wish for in a romance of this kind. She’s not perfect, but her warmth and honesty make her immediately relatable. As a genre, romance is well-traveled territory, and some writers have a tendency to check the boxes, hit the marks, and call it a day. Franklin’s approach is fresh and vivacious—and so energetic that she practically blows the doors off their hinges.

As a dedicated army wife, Tiffany leads an extremely limited life. She spends time on base, at the post exchange, and socializing with other military families. The small scope of Mr. Right for the Moment is a smart choice. It creates an intense, boiler-room scenario where the stakes are higher. At any moment, Tiffany might confront a backstabbing friend or an angry rival. “I saw soldiers who have retired, wives now working, and just a multitude of people that were in my past. … Suddenly, it hit me that I lost touch with wonderful people because I just wanted to reinvent myself and leave the past behind; that was sad.” Although Tiffany may try to avoid her past, she keeps making contact with a few good-looking men who get to sample her charms after she leaves her good-for-nothing cheating husband.

These men drive the action, and their comings and goings put Tiffany in touch with her best and worst self. Her inner guide, Reality, offers plenty of gimlet-eyed advice, and Tiffany herself often speaks directly to the reader. “Ladies, why do we want to hold on to relationships or things that aren’t going anywhere? Why can’t we let go the T-shirt with his cologne, let go of the pictures of better times, or let go of the memories that are just bad?” Tiffany can swing from introspective to feisty to sexy to sweet.

Mr. Right For The Moment invigorates the very familiar plotline of “good girl gone bad and getting back to good.” As Tiffany makes peace with her past and works out her insecurities, she outgrows her old self in a way that feels natural without ever being preachy or boring.

Reviewed by Claire Foster

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