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March 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 1999.

Book Review

The Long Drive Home

by Leeta Taylor

In the cultural trade between Canada and America, it’s usually American pop culture that sells. Canada has purer air and water, a slight moral superiority and Toronto as a frequent film stand-in for Manhattan, but America seems to own... Read More

Book Review

Chinese Herbal Secrets

by Patricia Voice

Pilgrims hiking the paths of the seven sacred mountains of China are apt to stumble upon merchants selling an odd array of souvenirs— deer antlers, rose hips, garlic and ginger root. Similar wares are found displayed under glass in... Read More

Book Review

Grandmother's Secrets

by Karen Wyckoff

Belly dancing, so aptly named, leads to the deep, dark cave, the center of the earth, before flying, in all its pride and life-force, up to the light, to inspiration, and to new awareness. The way to the spirit is found via the body, via... Read More

Book Review

The Inuksuk Book

by Leigh Forrest

From a stark and barren landscape comes a rich and vibrant informational book about the Inuit people. The title refers to inuksuit (plural of inuksuk) which are stone statues that have been hand built by the Inuit for centuries. The word... Read More

Book Review

The Global Grill

by Laurene Sorensen

To those whose idea of grilling is a backyard barbecue—good plain protein and lots of it—Sloan’s compendium of marinades, rubs, sauces and intricate multipart recipes for foods like Portuguese-Style Grilled Chicken with Piri-Piri... Read More

Book Review

Three-Legged Dog

by Jeff Gundy

The pose Caswell strikes most often is that of a maimed but tough survivor, like his three-legged dog. Rarely pretty, often slightly warped and quirkily funny, these poems manage to sing in their own edgy way, to lament and to celebrate... Read More

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