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Book Review

How Men Pray

Of the many risks that poets may choose, this one opts—unusually—for quietness. These poems speak in an understated, direct voice, with few verbal flourishes or tricks with... Read More

Book Review

The Line

The mostly brief prose poems that make up Jennifer Moxley’s fourth book of poetry locate themselves immediately in what must now, oddly, be described as the experimental... Read More

Book Review

Apropos of Nothing

These poems offer an everyday world made strange by yearning, attention, and what is either a delightfully whimsical invention or some curious acquaintances. Is his endodontist... Read More

Book Review


In Zurich in 1915 began the original Dada movement, a no-holds-barred assault on the conventional rationality, morality, and religion that had somehow plunged the world into... Read More

Book Review

The Day Before

This poet pursues something more, less, or perhaps simply other than the ordinary. These poems are always attentive to memory and filled with brisk, fully realized physical... Read More

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