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Locking eyes with her viewer, a nude woman nests heavily in the tousled sheets of her four-post bed. Over the casual slump of her shoulder, and with one leg thrown ahead of her... Read More

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Following on the heels of its predecessors, Circlet Press inaugurates a fresh collection of the erotic and the fantastic, which incarnates the uncertain unions of sexuality and... Read More

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Purified by Fire

Igniting the masses in conflict, the emergence of cremation as a death rite has consumed the last century of American history in flames of debate and plumes of literary... Read More

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Cool Colleges

“Fire drug.” Aptly named by the early Chinese, firecrackers have bewitched the senses of their wielders and watchers for centuries, managing to bridge traditions and... Read More

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Exposing the inspiration for her anthology of erotic science fiction short stories, Tan conjures the Orwellian dystropia of 1984, the novel which first spawned the eight ominous... Read More

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