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Book Review

Elemental Natures

by Mari Carlson

Inviting meditation, the poems of "Elemental Natures" are disturbing and enlightening as they address contemporary American cacophonies. Lance Lee’s retrospective collection of poems, art, and an essay, "Elemental Natures", addresses... Read More

Book Review

Maire O'Ciaragain

by Delia Stanley

Maire O’Ciaragain is a bold historical fantasy novel centered on Irish traditions and spirituality; its brave leading ladies and magical elements hold attention. In Karin Elder’s historical fantasy novel Maire O’Ciaragain, an... Read More

Book Review

The Seven Tools of Healing

by Jeremiah Rood

"The Seven Tools of Healing" is an affirming self-help book that emphasizes spiritual truths. Steven Hall’s philosophical self-help book "The Seven Tools of Healing" demystifies the healing process. The book begins with a discussion of... Read More

Book Review


by James Burt

This is a comprehensive and well-researched history of one of South America’s most exciting cities. The city of Rio de Janeiro is having the international spotlight shone on it thanks to Brazil’s many recent achievements and the fact... Read More

Book Review

To Tread on New Ground

by Jeff Fleischer

Themes developed across stories and apparent in letters and essays comprehensively illumine the philosophy of Jewish feminist writer Hava Shapiro. Writing primarily in Hebrew around the turn of the last century, Hava Shapiro was among... Read More