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Book Review

Courting Mr. Emerson

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Melody Carlson’s latest Christian romance, "Courting Mr. Emerson", is the sweet, trend-resistant tale of a young grandmother and a confirmed bachelor who find that life may be better if they’re together. George Emerson lives a neat... Read More

Book Review

The Surface Beneath

by Rebecca Kirkpatrick

A government conspiracy is at the heart of this action-heavy thriller. Dennis Quiles’s action-packed thriller "The Surface Beneath" seethes with violence, sexual intrigue, and political corruption. When former naval intelligence... Read More

Book Review

Pittsburgh to Cadiz

by Joe Taylor

In its honesty, this account of a quest for adventure and self-realization will attract those on similar paths. Mitchell Phillips McCrady’s musing memoir, From Pittsburgh to Cadiz, captures vibrant scenes thanks to fine writing.... Read More

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