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Book Review

The Last Words of James Joyce

by Karen Rigby

James Broderick’s "The Last Words of James Joyce" mixes murder into an irreverent campus satire. This eccentric story is led by a former PhD student who moonlights as a pornographic script writer, and who believes that he’s found one... Read More

Book Review

Cutting Edge

by Peter Dabbene

Adventurers on a quest end up battling for the safety of the world in the graphic novel "Cutting Edge". A diverse group of super-skilled humans is gathered together by a group calling itself Leviathan, which sets a challenge before them.... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

A pair of telepaths fight for their lives, and the future, in the surreal, poetic science fiction world of the graphic novel "Celestia". Celestia is an island that once served as refuge from a great invasion. Now, it’s inhabited by... Read More

Book Review

Paradise, WV

by Claire Foster

In the layered thriller "Paradise, WV", a rural town suffers from the “municipal leprosy” of the stigmatized opioid epidemic. A string of grisly murders links the misery of the town’s present to its gory past—and to a convicted... Read More

Book Review


by Joseph S. Pete

"Cyberjutsu" is an educational technology guide that draws a link between the practices of ninjas and modern cyber security practices. Ben McCarty’s "Cyberjutsu" is practical as it explains the basics of contemporary cyber security via... Read More

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