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Book Review


by Joseph S. Pete

"Cyberjutsu" is an educational technology guide that draws a link between the practices of ninjas and modern cyber security practices. Ben McCarty’s "Cyberjutsu" is practical as it explains the basics of contemporary cyber security via... Read More

Book Review

Birth of the Anima

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In Kelsey K. Sather’s powerful epic fantasy novel "Birth of the Anima", generations of women fight to restore the planet to her natural balance. More than two thousand years ago, Avni, the fifth Anima, helped to save her people from... Read More

Book Review

Evie and the Bushfire

by Kristine Morris

"Evie and the Bushfire" is a picture book about understanding and dealing with the Australian Black Summer fires. Becky Westbrook’s comforting picture book, "Evie and the Bushfire", addresses Australia’s devastating recent fires with... Read More

Book Review

Accidental Gardens

by Peter Dabbene

"Accidental Gardens" is a rich essay collection that imparts the inherent value of writing poems and essays, which can be both impactful and fun. Inspired by the Japanese writing form haibun, the forty-two essays in Rob Carney’s... Read More

Book Review

Midnight's Borders

by Wendy Hinman

Suchitra Vijayan’s complex history Midnight’s Borders shows how India’s policies have fueled border conflicts, with devastating effects. Vijayan uses precise language to explain the implications that India’s contested borders... Read More

Book Review

All That We Carried

by Jill Beauchamp

In Erin Bartels’s novel "All That We Carried", two sisters undertake a hiking trip that’s fraught with perils. The Greene sisters have been estranged for a decade, ever since their parents were killed in an automobile accident and... Read More

Book Review

A Man of Colours

by Edith Wairimu

Historical and religious intrigues combine in "A Man of Colours", a thriller in which the Knights Templar confront prophecies about world events. Religious groups struggle to gain possession of an ancient scroll whose contents could... Read More

Book Review

Crooked Lines

by Karen Rigby

"Crooked Lines" is a cerebral satirical novel that dwells in a perilous, divisive near future in which a handful of believers band together to make their mark. Jeffrey F. Meyer’s "Crooked Lines" is an incisive cat-and-mouse thriller in... Read More

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