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Book Review

The Vanishing Type

by Hilary Daninhirsch

Ellery Adams’s cozy mystery novel "The Vanishing Type" is a testament to women’s friendship—with sides of murder, romance, coffee, and baked goods. Nora is the owner of Miracle Books in North Carolina, in a town where visitors come... Read More

Book Review

Water Always Wins

by Rachel Jagareski

Erica Gies’s book documents how conventional water control efforts damage ecosystems and the water cycle, and how they are overwhelmed by natural disasters driven by climate change. Still, whether in Midwestern floodplains, Vietnam’s... Read More

Book Review

The Crocodile Bride

by Kristen Rabe

In Ashleigh Bell Pedersen’s captivating coming-of-age novel "The Crocodile Bride", eleven-year-old Sunshine lives with her father, Billy, in the bayou town of Fingertip, in a yellow house that tilts, “exhausted, to one side.” Her... Read More

Book Review

The Secrets We Share

by Aleena Ortiz

In Edwin Hill’s novel "The Secrets We Share", love and deception intertwine through murders connected to one family. As a child, Natalie came across her father’s body in the woods. Now a grown woman, Natalie is a police officer, and... Read More

Book Review

None but the Righteous

by Mari Carlson

Chantal James’s novel "None but the Righteous" follows a man’s lifelong search of truth and meaning. When he’s a teenager, Ham, a foster child who was taken in by sophisticated Pearl and her son, Wally, meets a traveler, Mayfly. Of... Read More

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