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Book Review

None but the Righteous

by Mari Carlson

Chantal James’s novel "None but the Righteous" follows a man’s lifelong search of truth and meaning. When he’s a teenager, Ham, a foster child who was taken in by sophisticated Pearl and her son, Wally, meets a traveler, Mayfly. Of... Read More

Book Review

However Long the Day

by Wendy Hinman

Set in 1918 in Manhattan, Justin Reed’s historical novel "However Long the Day" follows two young men who switch identities. Niall is an Irish immigrant whose world turns upside down when he trades places with his doppelgänger,... Read More

Book Review

No One Notices the Boys

by Aleena Ortiz

Michelle Birkby’s historical mystery novel "No One Notices the Boys" is riveting as it traces an investigation in Sherlock Holmes’s London. Martha, Sherlock Holmes’s housekeeper, is bedridden in a private women’s hospital ward.... Read More

Book Review

Bird Brother

by Edith Wairimu

Rodney Stotts’s heartfelt memoir reveals how he became a master falconer. To expand his drug business, Stotts needed his own apartment. But he had to prove he could afford rent first. He began working with the Earth Conservation Corps... Read More

Book Review

Blue-Skinned Gods

by Michael Elias

In SJ Sindu’s novel "Blue-Skinned Gods", a child groomed into godhood grows to be a young man whose faith in himself and in others is questioned. The story of Kalki’s godhood was always the same: his blue skin signifies his ability... Read More

Book Review


by Meg Nola

Brad Kessler’s compelling and compassionate novel "North" follows Sahro, a young Somali woman who’s forced to flee to Canada to avoid deportation from the US. Detoured by a snowstorm, she becomes the troubled secret guest of a small... Read More

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