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Book Review

Beyond Weird

by Rebecca Foster

If so great a physicist as Richard Feynman once claimed that “nobody understands quantum mechanics,” what hope do we laypeople have? Luckily, Philip Ball, a freelance writer (formerly of Nature magazine) who has published widely on... Read More

Book Review

Don't Believe It

by Joseph S. Pete

Don’t Believe It is a highly topical thriller, a work of pitched intrigue that follows a documentary filmmaker and crusading journalist, Sidney Ryan, who has exonerated several inmates convicted of murder. Sidney agrees to take up the... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

Obsessed with the rate of sea-level rise, environmental writer Elizabeth Rush traveled extensively along the US coasts and as far afield as Bangladesh, interviewing concerned scientists and coastal dwellers directly affected by... Read More

Book Review

Follow the Sun

by Susan Waggoner

Outstanding dialogue and realistic characters illuminate a convincing mystery in Edward J. Delaney’s "Follow the Sun". In coastal New England, tradition-hardened men are up against the sea, a dwindling supply of lobster, and the... Read More

Book Review

Welcome to Lagos

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

"Welcome to Lagos", Chibundu Onuzo’s US debut, follows an unlikely group of Nigerians bound together by circumstance. As their lives converge, five travelers from the Niger Delta are thrown together with two of Nigeria’s privileged... Read More

Book Review

The Life to Come

by Meg Nola

In Michelle de Kretser’s "The Life to Come", lives intersect, entwine, or separate within distinct yet unified passages. The general nexus being Australia, backdrops shift from Sydney to Paris or Sri Lanka, from the present to the... Read More

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