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Book Review

Seasons in Hippoland

by Kristen Rabe

Wanjikũ Wa Ngũgĩ’s dreamlike coming-of-age novel "Seasons in Hippoland" is about the power of storytelling. Mumbi grows up in Victoriana, a country populated by freedom fighters and generals and oppressed by a succession of men in... Read More

Book Review


by Jeremiah Rood

Lori Benton’s wrenching second novel in the Kindred series probes the wounds of the US’s racist past to prove that love and God conquer all. Seona is a former slave who lives in Boston with her son, Gabriel. Gabriel’s father, Ian,... Read More

Book Review

A Light from Below

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

"A Light from Below" is an action-packed high fantasy novel that deals with the spectre of a coming war. In Chadham Thomas’s fantasy novel "A Light from Below", war is coming to a peaceful nation, but the one person who knows about it... Read More

Book Review


by Rachel Jagareski

Catherine Coleman Flowers returned to Alabama’s Cotton Belt, a place she loves “despite its tortured history,” to continue her career in community and economic development; "Waste" is her motivational memoir of that homecoming. In... Read More

Book Review

The Murphys of Rathcore Rectory

by Mari Carlson

"The Murphys of Rathcore Rectory" is a legacy-driven, period biography of an Irish family. Julia Turner’s family biography, "The Murphys of Rathcore Rectory", covers professors, ministers, abusers, doctors, soldiers, and charmers... Read More

Book Review

The Blue Ring Assassin

by Philip Zozzaro

With foci on retribution plots and spiritual developments, "The Blue Ring Assassin" is an emotional thriller. "The Blue Ring Assassin" is an exciting thriller about revenge, redemption, and soul searching. Following a hit-and-run... Read More

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