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Book Review

A Beautiful Voice

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The indomitable Jake Travis returns for another high-stakes investigation in "A Beautiful Voice". Jake Travis is a hero, but he’d protest that designation. He’s—mostly—left his former military and intelligence life behind. He... Read More

Book Review

Quantum Convention

by Susan Waggoner

Ready for the next new thing in fiction? You’ll find it in "Quantum Convention", wherein eight richly imagined, humanity-affirming tales lay new turf for short stories. The settings embrace everything from a world in which an eons-old... Read More

Book Review

Fault Lines

by Angela Woltman

The death of a renowned volcanologist casts suspicion on his young lover in "Fault Lines", an edgy, atmospheric thriller. Surtsey is a young volcanologist. Her beloved mother is sick; she feels guilt over her relationship with her... Read More

Book Review


by Hannah Hohman

In Gail Donovan’s amusing "Finchosaurus", a young boy with a penchant for dinosaurs and adventure discovers a mysterious note. Atticus Finch Martin, nicknamed Finch, is rambunctious, with a dinosaur fascination and a one-track mind.... Read More

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