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Book Review

Beast Heart

by Aimee Jodoin

In Kyle Richardson’s steampunk adventure "Beast Heart", two children are pushed to their extremes when catlike monsters stalk their city. In the city of Iron Bay, nine-year-old Gabby’s hand turns to smoke. Her mother hires an... Read More

Book Review

Larkin on the Shore

by Catherine Thureson

In Jean Mills’s insightful "Larkin on the Shore", a sixteen-year-old struggles to overcome an assault and the gossip and cyberbullying that follow it. While her father visits her sick mother in Vancouver, Larkin is sent to stay with... Read More

Book Review


by Claire Foster

A curse is a wish gone sour, twisted sideways, and stuck into the softest spots. Titan’s "Cursed" collects twenty skin-crawling, tooth-grinding scary and sensuous stories and lyric poems that revive traditional fairy tales and create... Read More

Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

"Transference" is a fantastical futuristic novel of epic scale. A wrongly imprisoned man tries to rescue his family and topple the regime that convicted him in B.T. Keaton’s speculative novel "Transference". Barrabas has six days left... Read More

Book Review

A Delicate Dance of Souls

by Delia Stanley

"A Delicate Dance of Souls" is a mature romance that’s infused with spiritual ideas. In Karen D. Hamilton’s spiritual romance "A Delicate Dance of Souls", characters navigate their feelings for each other and the mental blocks that... Read More

Book Review

Cry Wolf

by Jeff Fleischer

In 2005, twenty-year-old engineering student Kenton Carnegie took a walk near his work site in a remote part of Saskatchewan, but never returned. Colleagues who found his body saw that it had been dragged and had wolf tracks nearby.... Read More

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