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Book Review

The Inner Child

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

What if the childlike aspects of our unconscious minds were visible for all to see? Soft watercolors capture adults in business and workout attire, shadowed by sketchy black-and-white younger versions of themselves who reveal the joys... Read More

Book Review

Night Train

by Angela McQuay

In David Quantick’s horror comedy "Night Train", a woman wakes on a train with no idea how she got there—or, worse: who she is. As she explores her surroundings, the woman encounters a room full of dead bodies; the only other living... Read More

Book Review

The Invisible

by Susan Waggoner

In Seb Doubinsky’s dystopian novel "The Invisible", politics are the only game in town. Georg is appointed as the commissioner of New Babylon, a large metropolis where politics, corporations, and journalism merge to form a monolithic... Read More

Book Review

Hard Easy

by Carol Booton

Hard-Easy is an uplifting and encouraging guide to self-improvement. Arthur F. Coombs III’s Hard-Easy is an upbeat, comprehensive guide to self-improvement based on the “Law of Hard-Easy,” through which practitioners are challenged... Read More

Book Review

Blowback ‘94

by Hope Hills

Blowback ’94 is a satisfying time travel adventure made more tantalizing because of the friendships, love, and loss that it features. In Brian Meehl’s dynamic time travel novel Blowback ’94, a family legend is wrapped up. Twins... Read More

Book Review

Beast Heart

by Aimee Jodoin

In Kyle Richardson’s steampunk adventure "Beast Heart", two children are pushed to their extremes when catlike monsters stalk their city. In the city of Iron Bay, nine-year-old Gabby’s hand turns to smoke. Her mother hires an... Read More

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