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Book Review

Night Ringing

by Rebecca Foster

Sensual language and alliterative verses make this poetic celebration of traumas and triumphs a meaningful read. Poet Laura Foley’s strong fifth collection, Night Ringing, ruminates on romance and family via autobiographical free... Read More

Book Review


by Carolyn Bailey

Fairies flit through this cozy, satisfying middle-grade fantasy tale, a work both intricately detailed and engaging. Glemce is bored. The tiny house-fairy longs to see the world outside of the castle in which he lives. When a chance... Read More

Book Review

Ari Figue's Cat

by Barbara Nickles

An experiment in poetic prose, nonlinear scenes, and even font style, this novel offers a tale of a vibrant city full of mystery. Ari Figue’s Cat is Jacob Russell’s deep, perplexing novel of finding love in the least likely of... Read More

Book Review

Joy Street

by Olivia Boler

Foley takes command of the meaning behind her words, bending and mastering them with her positive outlook on life. Laura Foley’s fourth poetry collection, "Joy Street", is a slender volume that can be easily read all at once, then... Read More

Book Review


by Eric Anderson

A hefty amount of wit takes this space opera into interstellar overdrive. In "Extendedcompanion", W Krasinski throws us into a gritty future that blends the space operas of Peter F. Hamilton with the irreverence and wit of Douglas Adams.... Read More

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