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Book Review

City of Shards

by Katerie Prior

"City of Shards" is a dazzling and captivating introduction to a new fantasy adventure series. In Steve Rodgers’s fantasy City of Shards, a boy learns that the hero’s journey is never a straight path; sometimes, the only way forward... Read More

Book Review

Girl with Death Mask

by Matt Sutherland

When cornered, we’ll admit to preferring poetry with rhythm—musicality in the ear surely deepens a poem’s effect. Yes, Jennifer Givhan, we’re awed by your use of pause and pacing, as you lead us to better understanding a... Read More

Book Review

Arise Pendragon

by Angela McQuay

This is a tale of swashbuckling derring-do and challenges aplenty for one of the most famous kings in history. Battles galore and travels through war-torn regions dominate Leon Mintz’s "Arise Pendragon", a novel that provides insight... Read More

Book Review

BNY: Be Near You

by Caitlynn Lowe

This light, sweet, and wholesome romance encourages learning from the past. Not everyone gets the opportunity to pursue an unfulfilled crush from years past, but the protagonist in Richard D. Alfaro’s "BNY: Be Near You" finds himself... Read More

Book Review

Night Ringing

by Rebecca Foster

Sensual language and alliterative verses make this poetic celebration of traumas and triumphs a meaningful read. Poet Laura Foley’s strong fifth collection, Night Ringing, ruminates on romance and family via autobiographical free... Read More

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