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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 424 pages.

Book Review

The Lonesome Era

by Peter Dabbene

Camden is an anthropomorphized cat attending high school. He grapples with his sexuality and how to reveal it to his best friend in Jon Allen’s graphic novel "The Lonesome Era". Camden inhabits a late-1990s American Rust Belt town that... Read More

Book Review

H. G. Adler

by Kristine Morris

This book is an intimate, detailed, and emotionally charged look at the life and times of Hans Günther Adler (1910–1988), a pioneer in the field of Holocaust studies who devoted himself to keeping alive the memory of those who lost... Read More

Book Review

City of a Million Dreams

by Susan Waggoner

With a resident’s in-the-bones understanding of the place, Jason Berry’s "City of a Million Dreams" is a hypnotic biography of a unique American city. Beyond its Mardis Gras, po boys, and jazz lies a richer and more complex New... Read More

Book Review

When the Flood Falls

by Claire Foster

The trouble with country living: there’s nobody to hear you scream. Lacey McCrae, a former corporal in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, defends a friend from a nighttime stalker in the tense thriller "When the Flood Falls". With... Read More

Book Review

Ernst Kantorowicz

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Ernst Kantorowicz, son of a wealthy German Jewish liqueur manufacturing family, aesthete, intellectual, confirmed bachelor, active bisexual, and groundbreaking medievalist, is a contentious figure, even within Robert E. Lerner’s Ernst... Read More

Book Review

The BlackHawk Meets the Tiger

by Nancy Powell

Inventive and original comedic touches make this riff on fantasy standards a satisfying read. Tiger BlackHawk’s morality-fueled fairy tale "The BlackHawk Meets the Tiger" is an entertaining and humorous fantasy mash-up in which a... Read More

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