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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 420 pages.

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Book Review

False Flag

by Jill Allen

Cold War Paris is the perfect setting for the intriguing characters who populate this must-read thriller for spy-novel lovers. Russian author Boris Ilyin’s espionage thriller, "False Flag", is a fresh take on the spy novel, deftly... Read More

Book Review

First Do No Harm

by Maya Fleischmann

The characters’ decisions and actions drive this story forward, capturing their motives in highly detailed prose. The stakes are high and personal when a lawyer takes on two greedy doctors and finds himself battling a hospital more... Read More

Book Review

Thistles in the Corn

by Geraldine Richards

“There be allus summat as’ll come along to spoil things.” In Thistles in the Corn, by Anne Armstrong, the idea that happiness and good fortune never last is as true for farmer Ephraim Stower’s corn crop as it is for Will Smythe,... Read More