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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 420 pages.

Book Review

The Out-of-Sorts

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

These stories offer a vivid glimpse of the lives of Rust Belt inhabitants. “Everything with a beating heart knows when aloneness has come to stay,” says a married woman living above the burning core of Centralia, Pennsylvania. She... Read More

Book Review

Über Alles

by Lisa A. Flowers

This moving and riveting historical narrative is entertaining and readable, and is bound to appeal to anyone who appreciates a great story. Robert Arthur Neff’s "Über Alles" is a fully absorbing blend of history and fiction, an... Read More

Book Review

Child Decoded

by EmmaJean Holley

"Child Decoded" is an essential tool for anyone seeking to build a well-informed and open-minded support system for a child who needs one. Though it can be daunting for parents and caregivers to navigate a sea of conflicting information... Read More

Book Review

Looking East

by Natasha Gilmore

An immigrant family finds their way through turbulent times in this sweeping historical drama. Jacqueline Dreager’s "Looking East" draws heavily from real events and people to create a sweeping political family drama. The story is... Read More

Book Review

False Flag

by Jill Allen

Cold War Paris is the perfect setting for the intriguing characters who populate this must-read thriller for spy-novel lovers. Russian author Boris Ilyin’s espionage thriller, "False Flag", is a fresh take on the spy novel, deftly... Read More

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