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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 410 pages.

Book Review

Pandora's Razor

by John M. Murray

In Ray Strong’s space opera Pandora’s Razor, a young woman pays for exposing a corrupt government when her loved ones are targeted. In the twenty-second century, human civilization has expanded beyond the bounds of Earth. There are... Read More

Book Review

Elemental Natures

by Mari Carlson

Inviting meditation, the poems of "Elemental Natures" are disturbing and enlightening as they address contemporary American cacophonies. Lance Lee’s retrospective collection of poems, art, and an essay, "Elemental Natures", addresses... Read More

Book Review

Emerald Coast

by Drema Drudge

"Emerald Coast" is a freewheeling Florida mystery from Michael Guillebeau. Musician Lizzie Borden (not of family-killing fame) needs wads of money to buy back her songs and stage name, which are being held hostage by her record company.... Read More

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