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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 408 pages.

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Book Review

A Time of Scandal

by Jeff Fleischer

This is a nuanced and well-documented exploration of the controversies around the early Veterans Bureau. In 1921, with soldiers back from the Great War in need of medical care, the Harding administration introduced the Veterans Bureau... Read More

Book Review

Race in Mind

by Matt Sutherland

The fourteen Critical Essays in Paul Spickard’s "Race in Mind" bring to the fore many delightful and provocative observations and one abrupt realization: race is and always was a dumb idea. That is, after many several thousand years of... Read More

Book Review


by James Burt

This is a comprehensive and well-researched history of one of South America’s most exciting cities. The city of Rio de Janeiro is having the international spotlight shone on it thanks to Brazil’s many recent achievements and the fact... Read More

Book Review

Glorious Incorporated

by Barbara Bamberger Scott

This suspenseful novel contains a subtle message about how power could be used for good. In Glorious Incorporated: The Joshua Chronicles, by Steven Neil Moore, what starts as a corporate recruiting competition for the services of a young... Read More

Book Review

In the Moors

by Jennifer Williams

Access to the spirit world brings a refreshing angle to the detective genre. "In the Moors" cheerfully follows the sensual and independent Sabbie Dare into the markets and boot sales of Bridgwater, the wetlands of Somerset, and the... Read More

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