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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 376 pages.

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Book Review

Shot Down

by Claire Foster

Detailed research puts the reader inside the cockpit, shoulder to shoulder with the pilot and crew. Steve Snyder’s masterful book, "Shot Down", does justice to the adventures of his father, pilot Howard Snyder, and the crew of the B-17... Read More

Book Review

The Mystic

by Kristine Morris

Elegant, flowing prose conveys the journey of a spiritual man through struggles of racial prejudice and sexual identity. Jean-Marie de la Trinité’s novel, "The Mystic", reveals the stages of a journey to union with God through the... Read More

Book Review

Moral Imagination

by Lee Polevoi

Bromwich delivers a probing and incisive collection of essays about culture, politics, imagination, and the war on terror. In the preface to his new collection of essays, David Bromwich states that "Moral Imagination" is “about works... Read More

Book Review

Gemini Girl Murders

by Lynn Evarts

A flawed but likable protagonist and her charming companion make this twist-and-turn mystery a joy to read. When one of probation officer Christian Vargas’s juvenile parolees is murdered, Vargas and her partner, Daniel, mount their own... Read More

Book Review

Words are people too...

by Diane Gardner

Pitta combines his love of language and humor in a lighthearted book that explores the joy of words and draws on everyone’s love of a good joke. According to humorist Bob Pitta, long ago, the word “question” (an inquiry) was... Read More

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