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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 368 pages.

Book Review


by Matt Benzing

Observing the development of the US as a nation through a single American family, "Legacy" is a personalized, microcosmic history text. "Legacy" is a tale of US history distilled through Scott MacDonald’s family genealogy and the... Read More

Book Review

Song for the Widowmaker

by John M. Murray

In this touching historical novel, a long-distance couple works to keep their family together in the face of adversity. In Gail S. Fraser’s historical novel "Song for the Widowmaker", a Scottish emigrant to the US pursues mining work... Read More

Book Review

The Moonday Letters

by Michelle Anne Schingler

"The Moonday Letters" wraps a lament for Earth’s damaged ecosystems into the story of lovers at an interplanetary crossroads. Lumi grew up in a resource-starved holiday village on Earth. She had few prospects before a healer, Vivian,... Read More

Book Review

The Angel of Lorraine

by Brandee Gruener

Centering military details, the historical novel "The Angel of Lorraine" concerns the fights between the English and the French during Joan of Arc’s time. Peter Tallon’s detailed historical novel "The Angel of Lorraine" follows Joan... Read More

Book Review

Reclaiming Two-Spirits

by Danielle Ballantyne

Historian of Native America Gregory D. Smithers’s "Reclaiming Two-Spirits" tackles the colonization of sexuality and gender in Indigenous American communities. “‘Two-Spirit,’” Smithers explains, “is derived from the Northern... Read More

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