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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 368 pages.

Book Review


by Vivian Turnbull

Eli Brown’s "Oddity" is a delightful, action-packed fantasy featuring a colorful cast and magical trinkets. All Clover knows about her mother is that she died when Clover was a baby, and that she was fascinated with oddities—objects... Read More

Book Review

Down World

by Catherine Thureson

Rebecca Phelps’s inventive novel "Down World" crosses multiple dimensions and timelines as a teenager searches for a way to heal her family and correct a tragedy that should never have happened. Sixteen-year-old Marina recognizes some... Read More

Book Review

All That We Carried

by Jill Beauchamp

In Erin Bartels’s novel "All That We Carried", two sisters undertake a hiking trip that’s fraught with perils. The Greene sisters have been estranged for a decade, ever since their parents were killed in an automobile accident and... Read More

Book Review

Written in Starlight

by Tanisha Rule

Isabel Ibañez’s "Written in Starlight" is a powerful story of lost privilege and a fight to uncover personal strength. Catalina is the rightful heiress to the Inkasisa throne, but she has been disgraced, overthrown, and sentenced to... Read More

Book Review

Butter Honey Pig Bread

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Francesca Ekwuyasi’s "Butter Honey Pig Bread", a Nigerian woman’s homecoming stirs bad memories, old hurts, and a chance for new beginnings. Kehinde has not seen her mother, Kambirinachi, or twin sister, Taiye, in years. After... Read More

Book Review

The Last American Hero

by Joe Taylor

John Glenn, a prominent representative of the Greatest Generation, gets a dimensional treatment in Alice L. George’s biography, "The Last American Hero". While many Americans think of astronaut and senator John Glenn as “a bit of a... Read More

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