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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 363 pages.

Book Review

Valparthan Adventuress

by Delia Stanley

In the science fiction novel "Valparthan Adventuress", women from different planets dream of empowerment, but struggle to attain it. In Dale Shillito’s science fiction novel "Valparthan Adventuress", women scientists fight against... Read More

Book Review

The Divine Comedy

by Claire Foster

Gerald J. Davis’s translation of the epic poem "The Divine Comedy" is faithful to the themes of its source material. Gerald J. Davis’s translation of "The Divine Comedy" is a sentimental revival of Dante Alighieri’s classic poem... Read More

Book Review

The Blood She Wore

by Delia Stanley

In the chilling novel "The Blood She Wore", strong women and strange spirits dominate. In Steven Ramirez’s horror novel "The Blood She Wore", a close-knit group of friends works to destroy the evil that is plaguing their small town.... Read More

Book Review

Mother of Invention

by Michelle Anne Schingler

On its surface, "Mother of Invention" is a quasi-feminist speculative novel about reinventing the way that women give birth. In her forties and childless only partially by choice, Tessa, a biotech whiz, finds the prospect of shortening... Read More

Book Review

Usher's Harbour

by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

Usher’s Harbour introduces a post-apocalyptic, twenty-third century world in which human beings reside safely inside meticulously controlled domed cities, protected from the disease and climate disasters that have ravaged the earth and... Read More

Book Review

Accelerating On the Curves

by Pamela Harris Kaiser

Katharine T. Carter & Associates knows art and the business of promoting it. The marketing firm also knows artists whose skills are more successful in the studio than in business. “For many,” writes Carter, “developing a... Read More

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