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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 350 pages.

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Book Review

The Mourning Parade

by Susan Waggoner

Well-crafted and moving, this is a novel in which settings and feelings are both vividly portrayed. Grief, the seemingly impossible task of healing, and the bridge between animals and humans take center stage in Dawn Reno Langley’s... Read More

Book Review

Patagonian Road

by Kristine Morris

“When I began my journey, I anticipated danger at every turn,” writes Kate McCahill, whose rugged solo trip, mostly by bus, took her through ten Latin American countries. When she started out, following Paul Theroux’s 1979 route in... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

This is science fiction with an ecological focus, delivering a sharp story alongside questions of how humans relate to their world. Brenda Cooper’s "Wilders" is a captivating eco-thriller that finds a young girl breaking free from an... Read More

Book Review

Kalifus Rising

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Combined with strong female leads, both heroic and villainous, the ever growing and changing cast of characters has something for everyone. Thirteen-year-old Sam may be known in certain circles as “Samuel Elias Barconian, Lord of the... Read More

Book Review

Beyond the Sahara

by Susan Waggoner

This is remarkable work that makes an indelible mark upon perceptions of modern Africa. Agbor Emmanuel’s "Beyond the Sahara" is an on-the-road adventure set in contemporary Africa that entertains, informs, and forces the rethinking of... Read More

Book Review

New Growth

by Sarah Kohout

With its tense action sequences and strong female characters, this romance will also satisfy fans of crime thrillers. Bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolate have no place in Jayne Menard’s "New Growth". This suspense- filled second... Read More

Book Review

Magic Teacher's Son

by Susan Waggoner

Earth may be the solution for two otherworldly forces battling for control in this richly plotted fantasy novel. Wizards and sorcerers battle for control of the planet Rados in the well-written and richly imagined Magic Teacher’s Son,... Read More

Book Review

Powering Forward

by Anna Call

In these divisive political times, a nonpartisan book like this one shines with unusual genuinity and earnestness. Reaching across political lines to outline the need for transition to sustainable fuel, former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter,... Read More

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