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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 342 pages.

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Book Review

Host of Memories

by Jeff Fleischer

Peter Rupert Lighte is a natural storyteller, and "Host of Memories" collects short stories from throughout his life to form a memoir. Some of the childhood memories are as simple as searching for supplies for a family gathering or... Read More

Book Review

The Swap

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Mary Higgins Clark meets London in the first novel from Nancy Boyarsky, a fast-paced mystery in which a hopeful wife travels abroad to rekindle her relationship and finds, instead, that she’s stumbled into the tensions of an... Read More

Book Review

A Foolish Consistency

by Margaret Fedder

Weir takes a traditional romance to the next level by not glossing over the delicate choices involved in starting over at love and commitment. In "A Foolish Consistency" by Andrea Weir, recent divorcée Callie Winwood unexpectedly... Read More

Book Review

The Do-Nothing

by Sarah Stewart

Perkison’s strong storytelling grabs us from the first sentence and doesn’t let go until the final page. In "The Do-Nothing", Brannon Perkison weaves a story of loss, betrayal, and determination through the eyes of a teenage boy... Read More

Book Review

The Master Key

by Barry Silverstein

Very few people will ever achieve Robert Peng’s mastery of Qigong which, he writes, “is the science of cultivating our Life Force through specific practices as well as the art of applying this energy in the service of the Dao, or the... Read More

Book Review

The Rule of Ranging 2

by Kandy Alameda

Kestrel uses a cinematic approach to showcase the setting, engaging all the senses in this historical novel. The 1750s were a turbulent time, especially for someone like Finn, a member of the Roger Rangers who has some growing to do. In... Read More

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