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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 342 pages.

Book Review

Power Void

by John M. Murray

Clear and careful research is evinced in this thriller that concentrates on the complications of solar energy. In Edward Vickery’s timely thriller "Power Void", two nations scramble to come out on top. Professor Will Childress heads a... Read More

Book Review

The Island of Always

by Laura Leavitt

"The Island of Always" is a zany and unpredictable comedic literary novel. Stephen Evans’ funny "The Island of Always" incorporates environmental activism and mental health concerns into a back-and-forth romance between a former... Read More

Book Review

Second Acts

by Meredith Hardwicke

Intelligent, witty, and filled with true feeling, this is a novel that celebrates women’s bonds and resilience. "Second Acts", by Teri Emory, is a smart, heartfelt glimpse at love, loss, and surprises in the lives of three longtime... Read More

Book Review

Life at Sea

by Becky Diamond

Layton’s book is a fresh voyage through a fascinating subject, bringing the feeling of sailing to the page. In Life at Sea: From Caravels to Cruise Ships, anthropologist Monique Layton relates her experiences on modern liners to the... Read More

Book Review

Death in the Black Patch

by Delia Stanley

"Death in the Black Patch" blends chronicle with creativity to present a piece of the past. Bruce Wilson’s emotionally rich "Death in the Black Patch" paints a portrait of early twentieth-century life in the American South. Inspired by... Read More

Book Review

Host of Memories

by Jeff Fleischer

Peter Rupert Lighte is a natural storyteller, and "Host of Memories" collects short stories from throughout his life to form a memoir. Some of the childhood memories are as simple as searching for supplies for a family gathering or... Read More

Book Review

The Swap

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Mary Higgins Clark meets London in the first novel from Nancy Boyarsky, a fast-paced mystery in which a hopeful wife travels abroad to rekindle her relationship and finds, instead, that she’s stumbled into the tensions of an... Read More

Book Review

A Foolish Consistency

by Margaret Fedder

Weir takes a traditional romance to the next level by not glossing over the delicate choices involved in starting over at love and commitment. In "A Foolish Consistency" by Andrea Weir, recent divorcée Callie Winwood unexpectedly... Read More

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