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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 340 pages.

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Book Review

Calculus of Death

by Angela McQuay

This satirical commentary on the lack of empathy within contemporary society also has a complicated main character. Joel Spring’s "Calculus of Death" strikes a satirically violent tone as it deconstructs a deeply flawed and damaged... Read More

Book Review

Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody

by Karen Rigby

At turns comedic, profound, hypersexed, imaginative, and jagged, this is a thoughtful tribute to the youths of the Kennedy era. "Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody" is an American coming-of-age novel set in an Italian immigrant neighborhood. A. A.... Read More

Book Review

Liberal Quicksand

by Scott Neuffer

Decock is an intellectual up to the task of challenging some of our most cherished notions of democracy. Yves Decock’s compelling disquisition, "Liberal Quicksand", will be a hard pill to swallow for lovers of liberal democracy. But in... Read More

Book Review

No Certain Home

by Monica Carter

"No Certain Home" reveals an Agnes Smedley who, though she felt like an outcast for much of her life, became a true revolutionary for hire. “A citizen of the world,” says writer, journalist, and spy extraordinaire Agnes Smedley... Read More

Book Review

Fire War

by Lynn Evarts

This intriguing, futuristic thriller conceives of a terrifying future for the United States. In his thought-provoking book "Fire War", T. T. Michael creates a country where the highest office is no longer elected by the populace and... Read More

Book Review

Conquistador Voices, Vol. I

by Stephanie Bucklin

Conquistador Voices is an interesting and wide-ranging look at a critical period in history. In a two-volume work, Kevin H. Siepel offers a comprehensive look at the Spanish conquest of the Americas through the eyes of those who... Read More

Book Review

I Am Titanium

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

"I Am Titanium" is an origin story for the next generation of superheroes facing off against an insidious evil. Seventeen-year-old Pax Black has been dying for years. While his mother has been trying to cure him through research and... Read More

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