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Foresight Investing

A Complete Guide to Finding Your Next Great Trade

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Foresight Investing is a useful economic guide that suggests strong practices for attaining financial success.

James H. Lee’s Foresight Investing is a helpful guide for investors seeking to lock in big returns.

This blueprint for investing focuses on getting in on the ground floor with companies that are bound for great heights—the next Apples, Googles, or Teslas—before anyone else does. It is instructional in examining patterns, trends, and finances for investors of all experience levels, showing them how to identify opportunities and build lucrative portfolios.

Geared toward stockholders and speculators, the book outlines methods for seizing and optimizing investment opportunities in emerging technologies like automation, augmented reality, and genetics. It specifies strategies for staying ahead of the technological curve and pumping resources into the cutting-edge discoveries. It also suggests ways to anticipate broad movements in sectors, showing when the numbers mean that it’s time to sell a particular stock. It examines factors like science, data, and the course of media coverage. Indeed, Lee is clever in observing how technological and scientific discoveries progress through media hype cycles.

The text is direct and clear, utilizing short paragraphs to make points stand out. Bullet point lists are included for clarity and the reinforcement of points. Further, the book’s rigorous organization keeps its work moving and makes it handy as a reference. Its chapters are aggregated by subject matter and are subdivided well, making the material as digestible as possible. It progresses through topics of escalating sophistication, easing into more technical and abstruse concepts well. It builds to a summary that recaps the main takeaways of each chapter, distilling Lee’s lessons to their essence. Thus, the text is suited for both familiarization with investment techniques and for brushing up on investment strategies that are already in play.

Lee’s work is vast in scope, covering topics like basic accounting terminology, company valuations, portfolio management, and intermarket analysis with the depth and the data needed to to back its points up. Its charts, graphs, and graphics make the work more accessible, and investment nomenclature is defined well for lay investors. Equations for figuring out the percentage of earnings growth, current ratio, and free cash flow are equally well handled. Still, though its work is supported by an expansive appendix and useful end notes, the book nods to passing resources, too, including websites that are unlikely to have as much staying power as the book itself.

Foresight Investing is a useful economic guide that suggests strong practices for attaining financial success.

Reviewed by Joseph S. Pete

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