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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 332 pages.

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Book Review


by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

High School has not been kind to outcast duo Coy and Monroe, but while things may be looking up for one, the other continues in a downward spiral. "Nickel", from Robert Wilder, explores the complicated relationships and balance between... Read More

Book Review

The Judge

by Rose Garrett

Powell keeps the excitement in tune with a pitch-perfect delivery. "The Judge" by Farin Powell expertly weaves a thrilling kidnapping plot, a love story, and courtroom drama into a page-turning tale that explores the unexpected chain of... Read More

Book Review

The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree

by Rebecca Foster

Czech American author and producer Birgitte Rasine has previously written literary novellas and nonfiction, but "The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree" marks her middle-grade fiction debut. Mayan prehistory intersects with nature preservation... Read More

Book Review

Designing Hearts

by Julia Ann Charpentier

This glitzy yet surprisingly down-to-earth novel about a high-profile marriage on the rocks explores all the typical cliffs and crevices then plunges into the blue waters of a new relationship. Robin Strachan’s aptly titled "Designing... Read More

Book Review

The Vipers of Islam

by Eric Anderson

Richly detailed cultures provide the backdrop to a heart-pounding debut thriller. Douglas Vigil’s debut novel, "The Vipers of Islam", is a fast-paced and richly layered story of two undercover CIA agents fighting terrorism overseas in... Read More

Book Review

The Doves of Ohanavank

by Sarah Stewart

The author’s anti-trafficking message comes through clearly, as do nuanced relationships and a strong story. A story about the economic, political, and cultural conditions that allow sex trafficking to flourish, "The Doves of... Read More

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