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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 332 pages.

Book Review

Nexus Point

by John M. Murray

In the intriguing time travel novel "Nexus Point", a lone traveler fights to protect his future. In K. Pimpinella’s character-driven science fiction novel "Nexus Point", a soldier attempts to prevent a rogue agent from changing the... Read More

Book Review

Fatal Decision

by Gregory A. Lowe

In the exhilarating spy novel "Fatal Decision", two accomplished and compelling intelligence agents on opposite sides of an agency divide go head to head. With shootouts, duplicity, and espionage throughout, T. K. Wolf’s thriller... Read More

Book Review

Cloud Hopper

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Look up, up, up to skies filled with endless possibilities in Beth Kephart’s young adult wonder, "Cloud Hopper". Around the municipal airport of Gilbertine live three friends: Sophie is “the tallest, Wyatt’s the thinnest, K’s the... Read More

Book Review

Earth's Emergence

by Delia Stanley

The science fiction novel Earth’s Emergence finds hope for humanity in the ethical use of science and technology. In Matthew J. Baldwin’s science fiction drama Earth’s Emergence, an alien reincarnates as a boy genius whose... Read More

Book Review

Norman Smith's Hobbies

by Delia Stanley

Norman Smith’s Hobbies is a fun, absurdist trip down the rabbit hole of wall-breaking self-awareness. In Gareth Owen’s comedic novel Norman Smith’s Hobbies, a British retiree pursues his fanciful interest in building a flight... Read More

Book Review

The Next Election

by Delia Stanley

"The Next Election" marries love and government and exudes sensitivity and charm. Landon Wallace’s political romance "The Next Election" continues the story of star-crossed lovers who throw themselves into their work to avoid their... Read More

Book Review

Lucifer’s Gold

by Lisa Guidarini

"Lucifer’s Gold" is a smart, complex international spy thriller. Taut and spare, Robert W. Barker’s "Lucifer’s Gold" is an international espionage thrill ride. Peter Binder, a geologist whose background includes time as a SEAL and... Read More

Book Review

Eastbound from Flagstaff

by Susan Waggoner

"Eastbound from Flagstaff" is a thoughtful Christian novel whose portrayal of 1920s America is accomplished. Annette Valentine’s bittersweet Christian historical novel "Eastbound from Flagstaff" brings 1920s Detroit to life. When... Read More

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