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Earth's Emergence


Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

The science fiction novel Earth’s Emergence finds hope for humanity in the ethical use of science and technology.

In Matthew J. Baldwin’s science fiction drama Earth’s Emergence, an alien reincarnates as a boy genius whose world-changing intelligence catches the attention of a clandestine organization and a deep-space threat that could destroy the universe.

By the age of three, Daniel studies physics and Mandarin, but his brilliance makes him unsafe. All around the world, gifted children are stolen by a powerful group that defies even governments. Daniel’s parents are careful to protect their son, who grows up to be an entrepreneur and a scientist.

As an adult, Daniel realizes that the organization stealing children is none other than the Illuminati, who have been controlling the world and its population through violence. Vowing to take them down, Daniel enlists a group of smart friends and powerful allies. What he doesn’t realize is that an even bigger threat is making their way to Earth, destroying everything in their path.

Daniel’s determination is signaled by his quiet thoughtfulness and the ambitious fire in his eyes. When his friends and family see that look, they know that Daniel cannot be talked out of his larger-than-life ideas. However, Daniel’s superior intelligence and open-mindedness are attributed to an alien spirit, Timiat, who fled his world after it was destroyed by a dark force. Timiat does not remember that he was reincarnated as a human, though scenes in which Daniel wracks his brain for elegant solutions to impossible problems portray how his hidden consciousness is tapped into.

Daniel’s friends and allies are present as sounding boards for his ideas. Samantha is a biologist, working to confront deforestation and create nutrient-rich foods; she has an intimate understanding of Daniel’s moral compass. Stas is a technological genius and hacker who works on artificial intelligence; he expresses the belief that violence can be righteous in certain circumstances. Daniel’s tutor, Angelo, helps him to understand the Illuminati, drawing on real-world conspiracy theories.

The dangers represented by the Illuminati result in tension, as well as commentary on corruption and greed, said to slow the progress of the human race. The threat that Timiat ran from, which Daniel perceives in his dreams, mirrors and magnifies the Illuminati’s bloodlust and hunger for power. Still, much of the novel revolves around Daniel and his teams’ scientific advancements, punctuated by detailed, jargon-filled descriptions of energy technology and computer functions.

As space travel is introduced the the story, the timeline becomes a jumble. Hundreds of years go by; Daniel and his team experience them as months, and the story shifts its focus to Timiat and the destructive villain who destroyed his planet. In comparison to the other dangers that Daniel faced, the final battle with this evil entity is rushed, though the resolution leaves room for more adventures.

The science fiction novel Earth’s Emergence finds hope for humanity in the ethical use of science and technology.

Reviewed by Delia Stanley

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