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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 273 pages.

Book Review

Winter's Labyrinth

by Nancy Powell

Winter’s Labyrinth is a fast and entertaining fantasy novel whose inventive world is richly built. A warrior will either fulfill her destiny to save humankind or plunge the world into further darkness in the fourth volume of Dana... Read More

Book Review

Two Man Station

by Emily Kubal

"Two Man Station" is a captivating second-chance love story for two men who are out in the outback. Forbidden love, action, and distinct characterizations make Lisa Henry’s standout LGBTQ novel "Two Man Station" addictive and... Read More

Book Review

The Tunnel

by Bill Baker

Tooley entices through nuanced characterizations, intricate plotting, and detail-laden prose. Although a dark tunnel is central to the seventh installment of S. D. Tooley’s award-winning Sam Casey series, its title could as easily be... Read More

Book Review

Shooting Up

The extensive field research of Felbab-Brown, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, involved copious interviews with farmers and government officials enmeshed in narcotic and counter-narcotic activity against such cartels as Peru’s... Read More

Book Review

Royal Pain

“He’s going to die…and it’s going to be your fault.” When Princess Christa hears this chilling prophecy, she fears it refers to her secret boyfriend, Daemen, a peasant who works as a groundskeeper at her castle. Christa and... Read More

Book Review

The River Flows

Like all literature "The River Flows" must be filtered by the life experience beliefs and spiritual maturity each reader brings to it. For the book’s intended audience (open-minded American Christians or those willing to let God change... Read More

Book Review

Last Breath

Respected surgeon Dr. Nate Bowen and his young family enjoy a sweet uncomplicated existence until while on vacation they innocently run across a ruthless band of terrorists double agents and madmen on a mission to wipe out large numbers... Read More

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