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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 273 pages.

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Book Review

Tennis Confidential II

by Karl Kunkel

Any exciting and fulfilling tennis match includes a broad mix of awe-inspiring shots thrown at the opponent, as well as a variety of pacing from the start to the final point. "Tennis Confidential II" offers all of these things. Readers... Read More

Book Review


by Val Grimm

It is rare to find a book with a half-dead protagonist. Tyler Leto is a corrupt adulterous and drug-abusing businessman who has become caught between life and Hell in "Grendel" Ken Brosky’s first novel. After a realistically depicted... Read More

Book Review


by Michele Howe

Author Dr. D. Vincent Ford offers Christian evangelicals timely advice on effecting change in personal relationships (with God and amongst others), the workplace, within the church, as well as their entire cities. Ford, a former teacher,... Read More

Book Review


Talk is cheap—unless you’re paying a therapist who says things like “I know how you feel.” The author, a psychologist, knows better than to make such a facile claim. He knows that “at the heart of a truly helpful, healing... Read More