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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 264 pages.

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Book Review

The Oceans

by Anna Call

Covering the inception of the earth to the modern day, "The Oceans" comprehensively describes the development and many epochs of the ocean. These include the major extinction events, the interaction between the oceans and planetary... Read More

Book Review

Eat Less Water

by Anna Call

Florencia Ramirez is a longtime water activist and educator with a profound appreciation for food and food production. In a quest to understand how farming can be less water-intensive, she interviewed a series of organic farmers and... Read More

Book Review

Vinyl Freak

by Amanda McCorquodale

This celebration of vinyl speaks to the transience of pop culture and its intersection with everyday lives. For twelve years, music critic, curator, and collector John Corbett immortalized records that never made it as CDs, in his... Read More

Book Review

Uncorking a Lie

by Gary Presley

With the aura of a cozy mystery, this sommelier-led novel is enticing and engaging. In Nadine Nettmann’s "Uncorking a Lie", a young sommelier turned detective becomes embroiled in a deadly game after discovering that an expensively... Read More

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