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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 246 pages.

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Book Review

The Third Reich's Last Eagle

by Susan Waggoner

The book offers a convincing portrait of the daily life of fighter pilots during World War II. Can an individual who fought for Hitler’s war machine gain the admiration and respect of those who fought against him? This is the question... Read More

Book Review

The Art of Becoming

by Amanda Adams

This is an inventive reminder that the mind is a powerful tool. An interesting approach to achieving your best identity, The Art of Becoming: Quantum Leaping into Your Future Self by Dr. Corey Lee Lewis offers a plethora of mindfulness... Read More

Book Review

There Once Was a Girl

by Will Tyler

This is a story to be shared, and those in similar situations looking for support might take comfort. Josie Townsend’s "There Once Was a Girl" is the tragic but honest recounting of a young woman’s life that spun out of control, a... Read More

Book Review

As Oceans Fall

by Delia Stanley

"As Oceans Fall" exists somewhere between science fiction and suspense, with a sprinkle of spirituality. In Brian M. Birkland’s "As Oceans Fall", a young man embarks on an obsessive quest to connect with his dead father, only to find... Read More

Book Review

A Man of Genius

by Stephanie Bucklin

In this haunting, gothic-esque novel of suspense, Samuel Grafton-Hall is a brilliant, revered architect—and a murderer. Successful and accomplished, he nonetheless views his genius as a gift that puts him above petty nuisances like... Read More

Book Review

The Skinny Years

by Monica Carter

A family flees from Castro’s Cuba, in this gritty, humorous novel about a young boy’s coming of age. Raul Ramos Y Sanchez’s "The Skinny Years" is a complex, humorous, and utterly absorbing coming-of-age tale set in the 1960s. With... Read More

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